Kewldude007's 2016 Setup Upgrade Thread [FINISHED, pics, backstory included]

So I have come to the realization that my FX-8320 is a debilitating bottleneck for my system in regards to gaming. So I only had on option, go Intel.

The board is from craigslist, shoutout to @SoulFallen for helping me buy this from a hipster

As you can see I'm not going for some scrub locked i5, I'm going all in on this.

checking to make sure board is valid

ghetto overclocking testbench

4.9GHZ BITCH (sadly had to turn down because GTA V was unstable)

Steam VR Benchmark

Painting CPU cooler ring to match

building desk




Blue, IMO looks stunning

Feel free to read this thread if you like, it was quite a journey.

if you dont like this post I will find you and cut you with a dull spoon, cheers

Good luck, take your time taping that board off, if it takes a whole day so be it.


Since you only need to paint a small portion of the board, doing it by hand with a fine brush may make sense. Use model paint (acrylic) and apply it thin. You'll still need to tape off the surrounding PCB.

excellent idea

Are you going to Anodize the heatsinks yourself?

no, I don't want to play with sulfuric acid

I know a place

Make sure the paint matches or we'll laugh at you


that is a priority, my OCD will explode if its off too much

probably will get heatsinks anodized first since finding matching paint is ways easier than finding matching chemicals

yep, I'll do that

Good luck, try not to blow it up.

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ASRock makes those exact heatsinks in blue. They use them on the mainstream Z97 boards.

Give the support a call and see if they can send you blue heatsinks off dead boards. Probably not, but worth a shot.


It lives

time to put a test bench together and get 'clockin


Very good. Get familiar with that BIOS, you're going to be looking at it a lot. :P

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video out only working with mobo vga right now

but hey windows works now

when I use OCCT as a load test it immediately spikes to 90C and fails at stock speed

it idles at 35C

this is with h80i

Try using XTU and run the benchmark. If it does it with that you've got problems.

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Did you try turning it on and off again? Are you using thermal paste that has a cure time? Did you kill your cooler with a pickle?


I'll run fouquin's suggestion and report back

that's a thing?
using NT-H1

Make sure the motherboard isn't doing anything funky with the voltage, I don't trust the hipster I bought it from

might be that, something with OCCT