Kevin Spacey on giving control to viewers

First and foremost, the video link:

It's a 5 minute-ish video on the success of House of Cards, the business model it employs, and what it was like to pitch the series to various networks before signing on with Netflix.  It's very entertaining and informative.  Go watch it, now.

Here is the whole thing.

I'll have to give it a watch when I get home from school today.  I really liked the highlight reel (the one I posted).  Looks like Logan or someone saw this, but curse me and my posting things in the correct forum (being TV related means it goes here? Or should I have posted this in Policy?).

My link is just moar of Kevin Spacey :) And i think you put this in the right spot, it's definitely TV related.

It was a great watch, thanks for the whole video.

He's definitely on the right track, and hopefully he can be a decent advocate since he's quite a high profile figure in the Hollywood arena. Shame all the stuff he's talking about won't affect me here in Australia anyway, since we have nothing remotely similar to that here. Even Netflix is a pipedream away, so we're #1 in the world for Breaking Bad & GoT torrenting...