Kernel-Power Event ID 41, PC freezes

I noticed this error when I open the Event Viewer a few week ago. Since then these freezes have been occurring. I have been testing my RAM, CPU and GPU if some of those components will freeze my PC.
Yesterday I stress tested my CPU and GPU together with OCCT just for few minutes. After few minutes my PC froze.
Can it be the PSU? It's Zalman ZM1000-HP
The picture is after the stress test yesterday. Do note my CPU is clocked @4.8Ghz and never exceeds this temperature or wattage.

If it freezes during the stress test while OC'd to 4.8GHz then I suggest lowering the OC to stock and rerun the stress test. If the freezes stop occurring then your OC is unstable and you need to find a new 24/7 OC to use. If this is not it then it could potentially be the PSU

Also the Kernel-power event ID 41 is merely an indication of an unclean shutdown, it's not an indicator of the cause of the shutdown, merely that it occured.

Aye, start with comradevodka's advise about testing without the OC. Your freezes sound just like mine when I first started pushing my CPU and it wasn't yet stable. You'll need to figure out how to stabilize it if it shows to be the case. However, I do have one question: what rating is that PSU? A google search got me 80+ certified but... Bronze? Silver? Does it have one? That PSU shouldn't have any problems handling an OC, but I learned to not trust non-rated PSUs.

It's either just 80+ or Bronze certified. I only found 80 Plus on my PSU.

I have been looking around on the internet for new PSU like EVGA Supernova 750W Gold certified or the 850W. I'm just curious if a 750W PSU can handle GTX 980Ti(from GTX580) and a CPU OC?

Google Search a PSU calculator. I don't remember a specific name for one but there's a few good ones. Bookmark that shiz.

I have a Thermaltake Toughpower 750W Gold. It yawns at the power draw from my OCed FX-6300, GTX 760, watercooling pump, and 7 case fans. You'd be surprised how little wattage you might actually be using. Using one calculator, I found that you can run 2 970s in SLI with a FX-8350. The wattage was something like 675W. Theoretically, a 750W PSU should be fine; just make sure it has a solid rating and strong current on the main 12V rail. I can't imagine your 1000W PSU having trouble.