Kernel 5 is Out, Who is Using It?

As the title says, kernel 5 is out.
Who is using it? What are your experiences?

I just updated and it seems everything is working fine. I did a big update to all packages including AUR packages.

I noticed a little lag with texture imports with some wine games, specifically dark souls tends to slow down for a few frames when entering new areas for the first time.

System is running a Ryzen 2700 and Vega 56 in Arch.


Still on 4.20. I did LOL when Linus said he went 5.0 over 4.21 because he ran out of fingers to count with.

Minor changes are good changes though :grin:

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I am. Been unable to do anything though been busy with work and school.

as long as it doesn’t turn into lefty OS my powermac g4 will be on 5 by next week!


It’s cool to see that something coming out in 2019 still supports something from 1999.


Will upgrade this weekend.

wheres the linus is a pot head memes

4 days

Everything working perfectly on arch, oh how the times have changed…

My Antergos (Arch) desktop is on 5.0 with no issues. My Manjaro laptop is still waiting for the new kernel. It has an Intel processor and I’ve read that there was some serious performance loss with 5.0 on Intel, so we’ll see. I did a few benchmark tests and will repeat them after the upgrade.

Been running it on Fedora Workstation 29 with nVidia 418.43 drivers using Btrfs on both my i7 desktop and Xeon dual socket workstation without any issues or regressions.

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Have you noticed the performance decrease that was talked about on intel systems?

Can’t say that I have with my CPU bound workload. I saw the Phoronix Benchmarks but haven’t tried to verify the results on my systems.

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I’m still on 4.20, im not itching to “upgrade” either as a result of the supposed performance hit

On Fedora 29. Im just waiting till it rolls out (should be soon).

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Got to wait a little more on Manjaro, don’t really have a reason to switch to it so I probably will anyways. Need to see if there is anything for AMDGPU that was added that I can’t live without.

On 5 on all my Arch systems and smooth sailing.

Arch fully upgraded on my amd 2500u laptop (matebook), and it seems to work just fine…

I’m using it ever since it came out both at home and at work and so far it’s just as stable as the previous 4.x version. That said, I am not doing anything super taxing, apart from software development, so I couldn’t tell if there are any slowdown, etc.