Keiji Inafune's Red Ash (Basically MML) gets a PS4 port confirmed

For anyone who hasn't heard about Red Ash already basically it is by a lot of the original guys who did Mega Man Legends. We already have a near completed attempt at their take of a Mega Man game Mighty Number 9, but now we will hopefully have a Mega Man Legends game but without Capcom.

The update we just got was that the ps4 port won the poll and will be getting a port (even if it doesn't reach the stretch goal it will likely still get a port but just after launch most likely)

Honestly as someone who games mostly on the PC this only affects me in such that the game needs more funding.

Link to the Update

On a side note they are also making an anime based on Red Ash by by STUDIO4℃. For $24 you can get an HD digital copy of the anime (the side bar is a lie read the updates) it looks like it will be pretty good imo.

Edit: I thought about something and I think some people might be confused by the way the kickstarter's pledges are.. I have been following this since Mighty Number 9 so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Anyways you might be confused by pledges on the game from here. Basically Keiji Inafune is super afraid of publishers after the Mega Man Legends 3 bullshit so this kickstarter is for first a smaller prologue (but honestly still a full length game by many people's standards) for $25 pledge minimum and then after the kickstarter is successful and he fully owns the IP he will find a publisher that will let him keep ownership basically and make a sequel. You can basically 'preorder' the sequel at the $79 pledge mark.

A good thing to remember for kickstarters is you will not be charged any money if the kickstarter is not successful and not until the kickstarter is over.

I hope this project is fully funded.I'm a big fan of MegaMan franchise. And I don't mind playing these types of games.I would like to see released on the PC as well.

This looks pretty good. I'm not a fan of kickstarting, but if this gets out there, I would get it if it gets to PC.

It is on PC :)

It only just recently was said it would be ported from PC to PS4.

Ah, sorry, I thought this would be one of those exclusives. I was too worried about the game mechanics to look at the platform it would be on. I just assumed since >Japanese it would be on console.

Nope, actually I'll make a new post for the update that was recently and in the PC section as this was only in the console section because it was a port announcement.