Keep my x2 290x Vapor X or upgrade to 295x2?

What do you guys think?

X2 Vapor-X>reference R9 295X2 hands down

Alright...on paper it looked like the 295x would perform better....but i was hoping someone would say i dont need it :X Thanks, you saved me alot of money.

the 295X2 may seem to perform better at stock but the Vapor-X card overclocks really well, I'd say its a no brained: OC the fuck out of your current cards

Also the 295X2 doesn't have a backplate anywhere as sexy as this

Very true, the Vapor X cards are ultra sexy. I think thats what Ill do, do some OC, havent bothered yet.



I was reading something today about how crappy an amd 9590 or 70 and a 290x is a terrible thing to try and oc. Throw in crossfire and you have awesome non oc'ing system . :)~ Correction it was a vid from Singularity Computers.

On their profile their main rig is a 4690K and I'm sure that the Vapor-X cards will still be able to pull off a decent OC even in crossfirs

Well is was kind of thinking since the didnt oc that well under water. They may not oc that well on air. Dont take my word for it. Just pointing something out. Could be a brand thing?

Yes, that's true about the 9590/9570. I have a 9590 rig...they can take about a OC to 5.0ghz or 5.1ghz (turbo off) with water, but the TDP is so high that it's impossible to cool. That's why I suggest just buying a 8350 or 8320 and OC that to 4.7 or 4.8 and the performance will be the same..most of the 8350/20's I have seen can at least reach 4.6 ghz on a nice air or AIO. I bought the 9590 not knowing that. I know the Vapor X 290x can OC very well on a single card (I've done it before I bought a 2nd card), not sure how well they will in crossfire. I guess I will give it a shot. I'm not disappointed with my system or performance, I just love to squeeze every bit I can, within reason. I don't like running things at dangerous levels.

It may have been who made the cards. I literally just watched it day. It was fresh. The guy was completely unimpressed with his cf results under water.  Personally, i would love to try myself. lol


Extra cooling in your case will be needed or maybe the NZXT G10. I don't know if it will fit on this card. But I can tell you. If it works you will need to add a VRM heat sink. That fan can't cool the VRM's good enough on it's own.

295X2 comes with a watercooling, its a beast.

But with a 290X Xfire you should get close to the same performance.

You guys are right. Probably not worth taking out x2 $500 video cards and replace it with a $1400 one. I think im going to just add another and make it 3 way, I dont want to sell the 2 and lose tons of money on them, and i dont want to build another rig, i have no more room for it. I guess if i want more the best bet would be to just add another. thanks.

i would not do 3 way crosfire. 2 way is more then enough.

the 295X2 is basicly the same as what you have right now.  its just a crossfire on 1pcb.

So its not worth it. just keep it dual gpu.