Keep it simple

Hey guys. 

I would like to know your opinion about motherboards that are fully loaded with features.

To be honest, It puts me off, because that would mean more problems. 

What do you guys think ?

I dont see, why a board with fully loaded feutures would give you more problems?..

Buying a mobo is something totaly personal, if someone thinks he/she needs a fully loaded quality board, and need the feutures of it, then just buy it.

if someone just need a simple standard board, wo can do the job, then you buy a cheaper low end board, with less feutures..

Fully loaded board wont give you more problems, then a less loading boards.. the only thing i can say, if you realy need a high end or fully loaded board, then go for a good brand....

since I'm a tight wad, I only get what I need, cheaper that way, as far as more possible problems, the higher end boards tend to be much more reliable, and I would go with ASUS due to all the QA