Kdump cannot use NVME on Debian

Are you using virtio-pci and binding a device that is sharing your rootfs NVMe or SATA controller IOMMU group?

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i use vfio-pci but not on the ssd in question nor anything within it’s IOMMU group.

UPDATE: i have been told that there is a known bug in all kernels 5.5 and newer that can cause this behavior. but reverting my kernel to 5.4 made no difference in kdump’s behavior. specifically, i tried 5.4.0-4
this is the bug that it was suspected i am encountering. https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209351


Thanks for the update. Try going back to 5.3 or older?

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as of 5.14. this is still happening.

according to ppc64el/Recommendations - Ubuntu Wiki

NVMe is simply not supported. but this is ubuntu, the Debian documentation says nothing about this. is there any workaround to force NVMe support?

It may be a kernel command line argument maybe.

Unfortunately, I do not have a PPCle system to use. While I am a Debian and ArchLinux shill, you may want to take a look at Void Linux PPC edition and see if it has support for NMVe.

Also, have you tried one of the newer kernels like 5.13 or newer?

i am not on PPCIe, i am AMD64, which is why im not sure if that lack of NVMe support applies to me here.
i am on Linux 5.16 and still have this issue.

Oh, PPCle is PowerPC (POWER) little endien. Completely different CPU architecture. It has nothing to due with your x86_64 CPU.

If you are on the new hot kernel and still having issues, then more than likely, it is your Mobo or Mobo chipset and driver/kernel config combo.

Have you reached out to your distro maintainers. You are probably an extremely edge case.

yes. i have reached out to debian.

Wow. I wonder if the kernel is suffering from bit rot. René Rebe has been complaining about this for a while as he maintains old architecture support in the Linux Kernel.

updated to linux 5.17.5. no change in this behavior.

Thanks for the bump.