Kainy - A competitor to Nvidia Shield?

3rd party developer Jean Sebastian Royer has been working on software that allows you to play any game installed on a PC via any android/ios/pc/chrome browser on the local or remote network. I see huge potential with this, and it is the only thing so far that I have seen that is competing with the Shield.

Project Kainy Homepage

Steam Greenlight

Youtube Project Page

That's pretty cool, but I think Nvidia still has an advantage in that it uses a controller interface with real buttons and joysticks instead of buttons that sit on the screen of a smartphone and use haptic feedback.

Indeed. However this has an advantage, allowing you to potentially use your own control mappings. With android, you could use a bluetooth controler pad. That and the screen on the Shield is too small for my tastes. Doing just about the same thing on a larger screen is golden.

 Wow. If you could add a controller/mouse and keyboard on your phone with and without cord, it would kick Nvidias shield!!!



just gave my thumps to Kainy



While you can add peripherals and adjust control schemes, Nvidia's Shield is still more portable and easier to carry around. Although...I guess you have to be within a certain range of your computer with Shield anyway.

I believe that Shield has an offline option, storing the entire game on the device and using emulation and internal graphics power to render the game, then resyncing once the device is online again. That right there is one huge advantage, allowing you to play like on an airplane or something. But what about those of us that do not have Nvidia graphics cards? We are not able to use the Shield at all.

Not just any phone, any tablet, too. Hell even any laptop. One big gripe I have about the Shield is the screen size. How are you going to see the insane graphical quality of PC titles on such a tiny screen, and at such a tiny display and streaming resolution?

I've never heard of that before. As far as I know, you need to be streaming from your PC at all times.

And good point with the Nvidia graphics cards. I don't know if they're making it Nvidia exclusive, but they probably are.

From my understanding Nvidia Shield requires 6 series gtx 650 or higher card and when away from the your pc/wireless network can only play android games

Dude this with an Ouya or some other simple box with a hdmi out and interface for a controller can be a nice two room solution for pushing your games from another room to your tv. Would be nice to not have to figure out some other streaming/htpc or other 2nd comp/long cable solution. Also then just swapping to a phone/tablet on the go is pretty damn killer.