K70 Wrist Rest Replacement

I am looking to buy a k70 wrist rest, I broke mine beyond repair and corsair doesn't have them is stock any more. 

Anyone know where I can get one or are willing to sell theirs? ( I will only buy it if its in good condition, I don't want your man juice all over it or other nastay things )

I thought u already gotten one on your previous thread? I'll give you mine if u pay 10 bucks plus shipping.

Ask corsair again, They just sent me one, i put in a reply about 3 weeks ago and i just bugged them until they sent one. I also do marketing for them so that may have helped..idk

They told me they wouldnt be in stock until March but i guess they got some, or just lied, idk lol

I haven't posted before, but it might be a few weeks before I could buy it haha, I spent all my extra money on crates in cs:go .-.

Hey dude, get in touch with corsair, they have some in stock

Contact them, they just sent me one