K70 RGB, When is it coming?

I'm dying to know when I can throw my money at Corsair's faces. I've been wanting a K70 in Cherry MX Brown for quite some time. A short while ago the standard ones were out of stock everywhere, and now that they're in stock again I was considering buying one until I remembered the coverage of Corsair at CES earlier in the year. So the big question is: Has anyone heard anything at all as to when we can buy the new K70 with RGB LEDs in MX Brown? The main reason I'm not getting the standard single color LED version is because they're known to have issues with electrostatic discharge; this is quite worrying as my room is carpeted. The new ones apparently address the ESD issue.

TL;DR: RGB K70 in Cherry MX Brown. When is it going to be released? Any information is appreciated.

I had never heard of the ESD issue, that sounds a bit odd.  But I dont remember where I heard this (maybe a pax video?) but I remember hearing October 2014, maybe do a bit of digging around.  You might also be able to shoot a question to corsair support.

About a month ago, There was a statement that they are still in the works however they can not disclose any new information on them at this time.

I bought a K70 Red about a month before they were anounced which I was a little peaved about however I have never had an issue with electro static discharge