k240, Shure SRH440 or ATH-M50S?

So i was looking around for some new headphones to replace my broken siberia v2. I knew the ATH-M50 was a good headset. But people called it overrated. Then i found the k240 and the Shure SRH440. And i was wondering which one is best, or if there is something better at about the same price. It has to be 3,5. I will use it for all kinds of music except pop. And also for gaming and podcasts.


List of all the headsets i found and prices where i live:

K240= 101$

Sennheiser HD 449 = 108$

Shure SRH440 = 126$

ATH-M50S = 142$


The SPVNC12X are on sale right now for 100$


Having heard both the M50's and the AKG K240. I'd go for the AKG's, but you need a DAC/AMP to drive them, they can be slightly too quite on phones or onboard.

The AKG's have a much bigger soundstage because they aren't closed back like the M50's

But the M50's will let you shut out sound if you going to LAN party a lot.

The AKG's are also quite comfortable and have a detachable cable (sucks having a $100 pair of headphones with a broken cable  you can't replace :P)

Don't have any experience with the Shures or the HD 449's

Which DAC/AMP would you recommend. I don't have the biggest budget, but i did just get my first legal job. So if i have to buy something expensive i have to wait like a month.

A good question! Should ask over here: https://teksyndicate.com/forum/sound-cards-dacs-other-hardware

I can't help you much on that front because I've got really expensive DAC's at home.

My brothers just ordered a cheap DAC (I actually bought him a pair of AKG K240's for Christmas) so I'll let you know how that goes.

Nice, thanks for the help.