Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi, I'm ermgerd! I have been a big fan of what was tek syndicate with my favourite videos being the tek, I'm so glad that there has now been a settlement since I feel that Wendell was the most interesting guy there.

My interests are mostly in programming (currently mainly working in C#) however I do find myself sort of alternating to different parts of technology. I am currently attending this awesome college (UK college, it's different in the US ugh) and I am doing computing there on alot of different stuff (software, hardware, networking etc) and I am currently really enjoying it as there is alot of other extra curriculum stuff to do as well.

Anyway I am really excited to begin to take part in this community and I hope to talk to you guys!


Welcome to the forums dood! Hope you like it here.

Welcome to the forums!

You sir are most welcome here.


Welcome to the community.



Hey, welcome! You just signed up in one of the best (if not THE best) tech forum on the internet. Enjoy your stay (:

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Hey there fellow brit!

Welcome, I've seen you around Discord too. I hope stick around, everyone's pretty cool here. And sexy. If you're part of Level1Techs = auto max sexy.