Just wanna see what peoples thoughts are on this article


Hoover's ghost has possessed all the US law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

ehh....this stuff happens a lot. Its just news now because someone found out about it, but there is still plenty that we don't know about, and it's the unknown that should worry us Tactics used by the FBI against King have been popular among intelligence agencies since the advent of the cold war. I am sure Snowden is aware of other such events, but is still keeping them a secret.

The US government has done a lot of shady stuff. Like inciting coups in other countries in order to put figure heads and political puppets into power which would do what they wanted. This is something that is all too common a theme with the government, and I would be willing to bet that nothing comes of this revelation.

My question is,

Are you honestly surprised?

Wow, what a wild read! I didn’t know about that, I do think it’s pretty normal now a day’s.
I think it’s pretty much all governments that do this kind of thing, how to stop it… now sure really.

jajaja I agree