Just the PSU and GPU

Hi everyone!

Im close to buying my budget PC and i have a problem picking a PSU (and a GPU) because there are so many out there and i dont whant my PC to blow up.(it will be my first..)

So here are the specs:

CPU:AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE

Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-990FX

RAM:G Skill ripjaws 8gb x series

GPU:Radeon 7870  I cant pick from the one that logan suggested-7870 HIS,the ASUS,the XFX or the sapphire?

PSU:you decide

HDD:WD caviar black 1 tb

case:NZXT source 210 elite

If the pricess go down a bit i will get the Xigmatek Dark knight

Thanks for the help :)

Sapphire 7870 XT is the best 7870 as it uses a Tahiti core instead of a Pitcarn core (ignore my poor spelling) and the cooling unit on the Sapphire card is better than the one on the PowerColor 7870 Myst Edition.


For the PSU, if you're on a tight budget, I'd suggest the SeaSonic M12II 650W.  It's 80 Plus Bronze, semi-modular, and comes with a nice 5 year warranty from SeaSonic.


If you're willing to spend a little more, the SeaSonic X650 Gold is one of the best power supplies you can get at 650W.  It's 80 Plus Gold, fully modular, and has a 7 year warranty from SeaSonic.


The reason I'm choosing 650W is because it will give you some headroom with your power output, but isn't an excessive amount.

Hope this helps you.

I did a comparison and the 7870 is better than the XT version (higher core clock ect.) but what if its with a different architecture (does that rise the speed so much)? I prefer ASUS over any sapphire versio,but thats just me...


80 Plus (my preference personally is Bronze or better) is all I'd really recommend on the PSU, well that and Newegg has a nice PSU picker thing, go to the PSUs, it's on the left below all the search stuff. 

On GPU... well my machine was a budget build, I've got a 6670 and it has handled EVERYTHING I've played so far, including Arkham City, which warned me my computer was insufficient. Hahahahahaha, insufficient my ass. Not as pretty as it could be but more than playable. I've had some slight issues with Vegas Pro and also heavily-modded Skyrim, but both are useable. So don't feel you need to spend quite that much on a GPU if you don't want to.

As far as picking between GPUs of the same designation -- check the RAM first. Make sure you know what it means, and check all the details pertaining to the RAM, then all the other technical details, including the included cooler. If that's ALL THE SAME, my next suggestion is GPUBOSS.COM but they don't have alll models, so that might not help. If exhausted all other options -- go to user reviews. A 5-egg on Newegg with 15+ reviews is often a superb product.

I have a Sapphire 6670 -- it's great, but it has no SLI thing. Another detail to remember, if you want to upgrade by adding instead of replacing (cheaper).

I also have the Xigmatek Loki, and it's a friggin' TROOPER, I've never recorded my A6 get over, oh, 45C since I installed it. 


darksolider, listen to -MGX-JackChamp3G, who has clearly done his research. Ignore my ranting. 

The 7870 XT, as mentioned eariler, is great, but instead of that Seasonic PSU, I'd grab either a Lepa G650 or Seasonig G 550, both of which are more than large enough, and much better than the low-end Seasonic M12II.

core clock means nothing (really, a 7770 ghz has a faster core clock than a 7990 think about that for a second), it's an entirely different archetecture, and these really shouldn't be considered the  same card, it also has around 300(i think) more gpu cores, 7870 is the best 78xx series card, 7870xt/le is the weakest 79xx series card

Modern systems techincally don't consume more than 500 watts period. Not sure why everybody goes crazy with 650and 750 watts. Unless you have multiple graphics cards or 24 hard drives, a quality bronze rated 500-550 watt PSU is all you need.

ok so a 7870XT is better but i just sooo sad that there are no models of the 7870XT.... :"(

and why shold i be conserned with the RAM?

i know that its Random access memory and it helps the CPU in various ways so shold i be conserned for something else?

I think im gonna get this PSU because it just fits my price range http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=17-139-005 and its highly rated!

as for the GPU 7870XT wold be best if your suggestions are correct.

Thanks for all the help! :)

Quad Titans? Can't even run off of a 1200W PSU, but for any single GPU system, no, you will never use more than 500W, even with crazy OCs.