Just switched over from consoles! Help? [Newb Questions Incoming]

I've finished my first build today and everything seems to be working smooth as butter. I saw the "Kill your Console" videos and decided it was time to upgrade from my old laptop.

Anyway, I have a pretty noobish question I was hoping to get some help on. I just finished installing the CD's that came with all my components (drivers, apps, etc) and I've updated some on their webpage. The only one I've done is my video card. I couldn't find one (if there is one) for the AMD 6300 Processor or any other components. I'm not sure if they have any or if they just use generic drivers or something. Like I said, I'm newb. Any help will be appreciated.

On another note, I bought Windows 8 Pro (during the promotion) a couple of months ago and I installed it once on a very old PC. Like... this computer was so old there were no drivers for the legacy video card that supported windows 8. So I trashed the PC. Saved the SATA cables and junk. The box came with both 32 bit and 64 bit of the OS. But only one product key. So I'm assuming I can use this key for both versions? But I lost the 64 bit CD and realized that I installed the 32 bit. I saw that I had 4gb of ram installed but only 2gb was usable. After some research I see it's a 32 bit issue.

My question here is, can I download an ISO (I've been told you just download these and burn to a CD and it's like the real CD) of Windows 8 64 Bit and clean install the computer like it was new and fix this? My key is working right now for 32 bit and I previously installed 64 bit on the old computer. So I'm sure it's for both architectures. 

Another note, is that when I tried to register the key after the clean install I was given an error that said this CD is for upgrade only. So I researched (yay internetz) and found a regedit work around. Seems to be working and allowed me to register the key no problemo. So would I need a Windows 8 64 bit Upgrade Version ISO of some sort?

Like I said I'm fairly new with the whole PC scene but I'm no dummy. I know how to research. :) Thank you again Tek Syndicate for inspiring me to join the "master race". Lol 

processors do not require drivers.  Motherboards video cards sound cards and other devices generally do.  For the windows 8 iso I would try and find that disc otherwise try and look up a guide on how to download and put the iso on a usb stick or cd.  Then enter in your key once you get it installed.