Just starting a new X570 Build

Lian-li 011 Dynamic …recieved it yesterday and slightly disappointed and dont like the drive cage covering the area below the CPU but will see how things workout
Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 ARGB Sync…didnt realise how long the cable were on the fans and that means nearly 5 metres of cable to hide so going to sell it and instead go the KRaken X72
6 x Noctua 120mm NF-S12A PWM chromax.black fans …if only the initial cable was a bit longer ( about 25mm ) but they have extensions with them![20190820_155233|309x550] but the discs on the fan are visible with air coming in through the side(upload://mM5a91pqpvx1k7MhjDTXf8qZBOn.jpeg)

Was going to get the MSI Creation ( love the fan layout) but after deciding to get the Kracken I went for the slightly cheaper Aorus X570 Master ( both now on order as is the 3900X ). Actaully took me 10 days to decide on what motherboard to get ( the 3900x wont be arriving until end of month )

Already have a 2080ti and 3200 memory as well as a 1tb Samsung 970 NVMe . And have a Cosair HX1000i .

Well that is my new system along with some recycled good stuff

Seems like a nice build. You may want to re upload your pictures.


Sounds awesome looking forward to you posting some pics once you get it all built out.