Just showing off my new GPU. :) Perhaps it's a silicon lottery win?

I have not got around to slapping my Kraken G10+Antec Kuhler 620 on it yet, so this is not going to be my final overclock.

So far at stock voltage I've managed to get 1436mhz core and 8002mhz memory. Is that good for a 970?

I'm pretty happy with it. It's way faster than my 280x.

Not really outstanding, but not really bad either.
I think tad over 1400 is totally average for a 970, not sure about the memory though.

280x to a 970 ins't a huge upgrade, maybe 25-35% or so.

GPU-Z will tell you if you got a good die. Right click on the window bar, on the dropdown that appears click, "Read ASIC Quality"

What happened to the 780 Ti? (Or was it a Titan? I can't remember now.)

I wish GPU-Z supported Fiji asic readout.

At first I had 2 Tahiti GPUs in crossfire, and that was fine and all. Sold 1 and was left with 1 lonely 7970. That died, sold that, bought a second hand titan and had that for a little. I sold that for some extra cash, and bought the 280x as a downgrade that was supposed to be "good enough for my needs."

That plan went south when the 280x died after roughly a week. Sent it in for RMA, and bought this 970. So far, i'm happy.

And my ASIC quality is 67.0%... :/ I take it that's bad? lol

Average even without adding voltage? I'm not questioning you, I'm just curious because I don't know...

67% is average. Good enough really.

ASIC quality doesn't really matter as long as it overclocks well, it can just give a indicator on how well something overclock.
ASIC is a indicator on how much voltage leak a chip has, high stock voltage = low asic quality.
Not sure how much binning they do when it comes to matching voltages, but don't really pay attention to it, its just a number that doesn't really mean anything.

High asic quality doesn't mean it overclocks well and is stable, just means it might run cooler.

You think it'll hit 1500+mhz with liquid cooling and a little more juice?

I'll give it a shot this weekend, just am a bit curious.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info!

That is an oxymoron.

Indeed, still holds true though.
A 80% asic card might not break 1500mhz on water regardless of voltage, whilst a 60% card does.

High leakage chips overclock better when kept cooled, that is true. Low-leakage chips are good at overclocking while requiring less cooling.

This is the reason why when AMD made the Phenom II TWKR, they were extremely high leakage, somewhere in the range of 10% efficient at best. Those were excellent overclockers.

On LN2, they did cost like 10k or something though.

They were free. 90-ish of them went out to the OC teams.