Just quit my job!

I fully understand that and I am planning on changing jobs but after the holidays. I need the money…

What were you studying and which uni? Just curious.

Hopefully you have a place to stay and enough money to keep it :U

Universal of Ruse, Bulgaria.
Electronics… It’s as directionless and broad as it sounds.
I used to study, I don’t really care to graduate anymore…

I just had one interview today.

Same reason why I left mine. I wasn’t willing to put up with the constant bullshit. Too much stress is bad for you.


I applaud you for making that tough choice. When I was dissatisfied I usually acted out and ended up getting fired because I was too much of a pussy to quit.

I quit my job yesterday. It was making my back and carpal tunnel hurt (doing data entry at a Law firm). I am a disabled graphic designer + former engineer. I really only went back to work because I am bored. I forgot that workplace socializing is even more fake than facebook socializing.

Keep busy.
Find something creative to do. Get some exercise. Soak up the sun. Volunteer for a cause.
It’s important to separate life and work, so find something to live for that has nothing to do with work.

One of my favorite wise bosses told me…

“Choose a career where you would be willing to pay them to let you come into work each day.
If you are doing what you love, You will never work a day in your life.”


Good on ya!

I worked overnights at a gas station on weekends the first 3 years of college. We went through 3 ownership changes, 2 managers, and by the time I quit I had been there longer than anyone else. I asked for better hours, better pay, etc. and never got any of it regardless of my seniority and effort. When I started I was making a little more than minimum wage, but, minimum wage went up and my wage only moved up to meet it, so my income actually decreased value-wise. After a few months straight of coming home angry because of shitty customers, tedious and boring work, and seemingly no benefit to me staying there I quit. I knew I’d have the job I have now come the following January, but I quit less than halfway through the year. I made it work and now I really enjoy what I do which is the most important thing.

Don’t stick with a job you’re unhappy with, find what you enjoy doing as it will be far more valuable in the long run.


I often struggle with this one… yeah I’ll learn a song or 2 for guitar every now and then but for the most part I just sit around watching anime/youtube or playing games and it shows now. Thankfully work is starting to trickle in again so I have something to do (even if it is just tedious data entry accounting).


I hope so. Quitting your current job before you have a new one is a risky move at best, and frankly, puts you are a tremendous disadvantage. It’s much easier to find a job when you have a job. Employers like people who they see as dependent on their job to the point that they won’t quit even when they are fed up and looking for a new job. Plus a lot of people who get fired for poor performance, etc, say that they quit/resigned.

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lol! Those guys work 12 hour days 6 or 7 days a week.

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McDonalds pay their managers 40K a year. Teachers make around that much ( depending on area and experience and stuff like that ), and they went to college.

But ya, they do work a lot. Which sucks.

My sister is a techer, makes 6 figures. has summers off. she makes more than me in IT.
Which reminds me… fuck the state

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Damn. I want 6 figures. She’s very lucky.

^ This is a ugly truth. In my last place my boss told me they don’t want skilled engineers because they come with bad habit…ROFL… in reality they don’t want skilled people because they would have to pay them more. And also they wanted to feel like the smartest people in the company. So they would hire any random strangers with no proper education or experience. Even better if they originate from poor country and try to get them to do as much work as possible for as little money as possible.

As you can guess they are not doing too well.

I never seen any teacher position for that much money. Is she a chancellor of some prestige university or something?

She teaches 6th grade. (admittedly [some of] the kids are shit and [some of] the parents are shit)
She does have a masters (but it’s from university of phoenix). Her undergrad in communications was from a CSU.
She also has additional education, and has almost 15years of experience now. She’s as high up on the pay schedule as she can get for the number of years. there are a couple more pay for seniority bumps in the pay schedule for her in the next few years.
And she teaches in one of the best paying districts in California.
that being said, she teaches 6th grade, has summers off, a short commute, a short day, and only as much work as she makes for herself.

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