Just quit my job!

So between a combination of me not being quite the right fit and my job being un-necessarily hellish, I quit!

I haven’t been this happy with a life decision in years. That being said, I am aware of the potential pitfalls of situations like this.

Any tips for this stage that anyone has?

Not really looking for the “update the resume” response. Besides the usual stuff, I will be working on getting some new Linux certifications. I was considering focusing on OpenStack but could be persuaded otherwise.



I envy you. I rarely envy people, but here I am… I have to stay on mine for the time being…

Best advice I can give you is take a few days rest and then look for other opportunities. If you can afford to, rest until the holidays have passed.

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I will enjoy an extra hour of sleep or so a day probly. However, I really like getting shit done. Over resting would likely just be a negative feedback loop.

Most likely won’t have a choice since i doubt most places would begin interviews around this part of the year

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More time to study!

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While I am avoiding pitfalls of being over-confident with my choice, I am increasingly happy. As in, I can’t wait to chew on a new project, write some new code, or simply just take some notes on some Linux topic that I am not familiar with.

My only tip at this stage is do what you feel like you had limited time for before, but you already seem to be on the right track. Good luck!

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Plenty of old code that I can revisit. Plus, the idea of a grabbing some juicy content off of LinuxAcademy.com is really exciting.

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@dot404 Now that you’ve got free time, you should do a devember challenge! :smiley:


Shit! Did I just get called out?!


ahem Maybe I wasn’t clear.

wink wink
you should do a challenge
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For sure have a couple idearz. Will try and finalize something by tomorrow morning.


Are you up to speed with what everyone else is doing?

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Nope! I call that research tho. Will check post as you just mentioned! :smiley:

Haha, check out the post. It should be pinned up at the top.

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Where do you work and why? If to personal then ignore. :slight_smile:

I work in a restaurant as a barman.
The job is OK. The people I work with are not. The boss cares about money mostly, as bosses usually do, and the organization lacks severely.
I started working as barman some 11-12 years ago to fill up the summer break in university, and since then I haven’t really been able to break away from that.
The education I have is good enough to know I am aware I’m completely incapable of working what I studied for. I haven’t finished University for financial reasons and I don’t really care to. Now the only job experience I have is working in restaurants for 10+ years…

Go be a restaurant manager. They get paid well.

Also, good luck in the future @dot404 !

Your problem seems to primarily be with your coworkers and not the occupation itself. You should like go bar hopping, try to find a place you think you would enjoy working at more than your current place.