Just purchased a 970. Worth it?

Hey guys, just purchased a EVGA Acx Sc 970 from newegg. Was it the right decision? Should I have waited for pascal? Just upgraded from a EVGA 670 ftw. And plz do not mention AMD gpus. I understand they can be a lot cheaper and maybe even better. But Nvidia has not let me down so far, and my last AMD product(8350fx) , I've had a horrible experience with.

Edit: It's paired with a i7-4770k and 1080p Resolution.

If you have to ask if it was worth it, it wasn't worth it.


I am using a 970 and have yet to experience any issues. Albeit I'm using a Gigabyte G1, you should still see similar performance having the SC edition from EVGA. However, I do not game in 4K or 1440, so I cannot speak to the performance cuts on that side.

Sorry will edit my post, using 1080 resolution and running with a i7 4770k. Can you run most games maxed on 1080?

More then enough, but the 970 has memory issues.

3.5 GiBs of the memory is fast, the other 512 is slow. If you go over the 3.5 GiB memory (which is more common now with newer titles) the performance tanks.

Haven't had any problems with mine, I've had it since august and it's great for gaming. I can run MGS: The Phantom Pain at max settings 1080p with 144 fps. (I have a 144Hz monitor). Anyone who says they need more than that is probably just boasting about their god-tier components.
As for a workstation GPU, I couldn't really tell you as I don't do any video editing or animation or anything like that.

Oh really? how slow are we talking about? Also why is it that the 512 mb is slower. Seems weird.

This video explains it very well. it's actually a big deal. and Nvidia tried sweeping it under the rug.


All hail the R9 390 etc etc, I took AMD and looking at DX12 it seems to be the right decision but it's not like the 970 is inherently bad, still a nice card.

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I know OP asked not to bring AMD into this, but this is a reason why the R9 390 won a lot of customers hearts over the GTX 970. You won't use the 8GB of RAM on the R9 390, but you might use more than 3.5GB.

Well I didn't bring up the 390 because it was irrelevant. he owns the 970 already so there's no reason to say "OH YOU MADE A BAD CHOICE" which depending on the game he plays it will be. but overall if he didn't know about it (Which he mentioned he didn't) he should be aware. Nvidia does a lot of shady things and people give them a pass for it. which is not okay.

They didn't try. They just swept it...
OP: you could have waited... But it's still OK... It will do the job. And if it was on promotion or something it is just fine... You may suffer some in DX12, but it's OK...

Was a promotion, bought it for 250 with Amazon Prime. 275 after taxes.

I agree on the Nvidia being evil part. I think it is a little strange that you won't buy any AMD products, just because you had problems with your last product. I had problems with an Nvidia GPU once, but I wouldn't mind buying Nvidia again - well I do mind, but that is because of their politics and has nothing to do with a single faulty card.

However, he asked whether or not the 970 was a good investment. While the 970 is a pretty decent card, I wouldn't have bought it right not, not with new chips around the corner. EIther you would have been able to buy new ones for that price, or you would have gotten the 970 cheaper.
That being said, I believe the 3.5GiB VRAM of the 970 are going to be a bigger issue in the future, since consoles have shared memory and could use 8GiB RAM (well actually they can't but who cares^^) games are going to use more and more VRAM. Since games for the PC are often poorly optimised, VRAM usage on a PC will be higher as on a console too.

It also depends on how you want to play:
30fps vs 60fps
FSAA, FXAA, SMAA, SSAA or even Downsampling?

@barbaro124: In Witcher 3 with mods the 3.5GiB would have been a problem for instance.


I have a 970 which I also got a decent deal on not too long ago. Mine was an upgrade from a 760. I definitely don't see it as a bad choice. Even with Pascal coming out the 970 is a sweet spot card in terms of value to performance, especially for the deal you got. Yes the next NVidia GPU's will be better, but at a price. If you want to be smart buying a GPU, you're always best to look at performance per dollar and that's it.

Well a while ago the 970 was a good deal

You can't say that, afaik we have no idea how the new cards are going to perform. Furthermore, Nvidia is going to lower the 970 price in order to make room for the 1070.

That's true, but if you do know that the price of a GPU is going to drop, waiting is a valid choice as well. (If Blazed_Mars' GPU bricked he didn't really have the option to wait though, but he didn't say that).


970 is not an inherently bad card, as others have mentioned, but compared to a 390 it is...

Potential issues (and some tinfoil hat wearing on my part)

  1. 3.5GB of Vram as opposed to the 8 that you get with a 390
  2. Because it is Nvidia they may tank the performance when the next line of GPUs launch in order to make people upgrade (like they did with the 7xx series)
  3. Nvidia cards don't have the support for dx12 that AMD cards do so in those games the difference between 390 and 970 will only become ever more apparent.

I have only 1 question for you... Why did you wait until after you purchased a card to see what others thought of it??


My 390 was a very bad experience and I returned it for a 970 after 2 days. Was the 390 faster? Yes by 6% (in my testing - your mileage may vary). Does it have more RAM? Yes but 3.5GB is plenty for 1080p. The 390 drivers crashed all the time and it is rated at 750W vs 500W for a 970. I had so many headaches with the 390 that I just gave up in frustration. The 970 simply worked, rock solid reliable with no problems. I will take reliability over 6% better performance every day of the week.

Definitely worth it for me, don't let these haters bring you down.
Bottom line is you have a good video card that does what you need it to do.

I am still using my 280x for 1080p gaming and will until the urge to upgrade becomes too great, I think you will be happy with your 970 for good while.

Your overclocked 970 is 6% slower?