Just ordered my first mechanical keyboard

I wanted something small that I could throw in my bag and take to school or someones house when I fix their PC so I went with the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid with blue switches, if they are as great as everyone says I might get the Cooler Master Green for my gaming rig when it comes out

Well id say to get a razer blackwidow but seeing as they force synapse down your thoat its not worth it (synapse has bricked 2 of my razer products).  The cooler master one seems alright but take a look at this first https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=DiEOK08Kvos#t=423s also the zowie one logan reviewed looks to be legit.

Looks good but there were a lot of mixed reviews last time I looked at Rosewill mechanical keyboards, later down the road I might upgrade to something with a number pad as it makes typing an IP address faster

Those may be a little too big since he wanted somehing portable. The Cherry MX Green switches seem so badass but I hope they don't all come with green LEDs. Everything else I'm trying to buy is blue and it would stand out too much. I guess we will have to wait. At least soemone is trying green switches.

The whole keyboard looks sick being able to remap every key, I myself don't really care about back light because I always have the lights on when I game

OK I'm sold on mechanical keyboards, this thing is sick, it's sturdy and has some nice weight to it, if feels like I would beat someone over the head with it without breaking it plus it feels a lot better to type on, I'll use this on for on the go and buy another one with a number pad for my gaming rig.

I have a Blackwidow Tournament Edition,its a 10 keyless version of the Blackwidow, nice and Compact but still sturdy, and it comes with its own carrying case for the keyboard and its cord!

Dont forget that half of the blackwidows are DOA and that they are made from shitty quality plastic.