Just order gtx780 or wait

hi i ordered all the parts for my new pc, i noticed that the gtx780 is still not shipped should i just cancel it and wait for the gtx780ti ? will it be better for gaming?

The 780ti from the leaked specs doesn't seem to be that much better so its not really worth the wait. Just got my 780 3 days ago and i have no regrets. 

Prices. Might drop due to amd pressure 

And the holiday bundle Nvidia starts on Monday will be nice. Cancel and reorder Monday at the earliest but I would wait until mid next month for any price drops from the 780ti and 290x competition. 


Looks like the 780 will drop to $580ish after November 28th after the Nvidia Holiday Bundle ends. So $650 with Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagBatman: Arkham Origins, and Splinter Cell Blacklist or $580 end of November for just the card. 

Don't worry about the 780ti. You could just overclock you 780 to get the same performance as it. Or you could wait a couple of weeks for the new r9 290x aftermarket cards.

what do u guys think of the gtx 780 classified its only $40 more ( if i cant wait and just decide to order this monday )


The only difference is the classified is overclocked a bit. Around 100mhz more. But you could do that yourself with a normal 780 with a acx cooler.

i dont know if there are allready specs leaked from the GTX780ti, but if this Ti card only come´s with higher clockspeeds, and "not" more cuda cores, then No its not worth to wait. Because you can overclock it your self.

GTX780 is still a great choice at the moment.

doesn't the classified have a custom pcb and a larger cooler than the acx sc version?