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Just me or are NVIDIA drivers garbage?


So recently i had the misfortune of frying my 1080ti and as a result have had 3 different NVIDIA videocards and tried the integrated graphics on my 8700k with 4 different drivers with at least a couple weeks per videocard and driver with nothing else changing; meaning all these bugs must be the drivers as nothing else has changed. For example, my 660ti was super buggy in that often times when booting into windows it would go to another resolution other than the 1080p my monitor is default to. It would also crash just trying to boot into games, even old games like tf2 it should be more than capable of running well. With my gtx 980 I will often get an error that signal is out of reach of the monitor when windows is loading. I also have ultimate performance selected for power management in windows, but my monitor constantly goes into sleep mode with the gtx 980. Outside of gaming performance, my PC ran the best by far with just the integrated graphics and Intel drivers. I know like 10 years ago NVIDIA’s drivers were supposed to be so much better than ATI’s. Is NVIDIA’s garbage now?



just you.

use regular/creator instead of dch.

windows issue more than a driver issue.

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dch? 5 chars



Microsoft is changing the way that hardware drivers work on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows® 10 (and later), and Microsoft Windows* Server 2019 (and later). Hardware running on these operating systems can use Windows DCH Drivers. Intel and Nvidia will begin distributing Windows DCH Drivers for its products beginning in November 2018.

I don’t even run windows baremetal and I know about this.

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It’s not just you …
After almost every driver release Nvidia are pushing a patch or an updated driver or whatever to patch an issue. There was time not so long ago when there were multiple patches for a driver release…



Nvidia’s drivers are bad enough to have affected by buying decisions. All AMD now, because it mostly Just Works™.

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Nvidia creator drivers. It’s a new thing.they are much better if you are after stability (with 10 series cards). Older cards are not qc as heavily.

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Can’t say i’ve had any issues with Nvidia in quite a while.
2 years ago when i had my 1060 and had just gotten my first 4k HDR screen i’ve had some heinous issues regarding resolution but it took them a month or so to fade away with the updates.
PS: I’m in Windows 10, i don’t know which OS you’re running now



Never really had an issue but then again I usually update every few months.



I am a huge fan of AMD
However because of something called fglrx I will bite my tongue :slight_smile:
Anyone miss fglrx?



no dude. The people that don’t remember are lucky

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Dont think anyone is.
It was better than nvidia.
Worked with intel drivers, reported errors when application was doing something against opengl spec, didnt take away functionality just because win didnt support it, one could use the win counterpart in VM.
Still would not call it OK as a lot of tweaking was needed to make my configuration work.

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