Just looking for Ideas for a $1000 build

Hello, I am looking to build a $1000  (give or take $100) pc in the next month or two and I just wanted to get ideas for a sweet new build. I want to be able to play Metro Last light at 1080p with max settings. Here is the build I came up with http://pcpartpicker.com/p/HRgp . Do you think the power supply will has enough power to over clock the CPU? Also it would be great to see your ideas. Thanks.

If you plan on gaming, I would go with Win7 instead of that metro UI mess.

A good rule of thumb for PSU's is double it at least. This leaves room for 2 things

1) Upgrades: Faster gear usually requires more power only exception is disk drives to ssd's its about 1/3 of the wattage to run a ssd.

2) Leaving enough room if you plan on OC'ing or running demanding software.

Get a 750w PSU is what I would recommend.