Just got the best E-mail ever

Planetside 2 beta, ohhh yeah. Anyone already have the game and want to play? I'm sure it'll have a bit of a learning curve at first, and I like to play with experienced people. :-P

I have been playing it for a last couple of days. My ingame name is TRLeBerduk from Terran Republic.

Rule #1: Join a squad (squad is a part of platoon) and stick with it.

Rule #2: Follow squad/platoon leaders' orders.

Rule #3: Do not be afraid to die often.

Joining a squad is very important. Without the squad you will be just running around a lot not being able to find a good fight and get bored quikly. With squad you will have clear objectives (if squad/platoon leaders are good) where to fight and what to fight. For example, yesterday I got lucky and joinded a very active platoon with 30+ people. All of us got into tanks, and, well, an armored column of 30+ tanks leveling into dust everything on its way was a beautiful experience.