Just got off playing BF4 BETA and

Would you just look at that.

This should bring a tear to every 8350 owners' eye.

Wow. Just, wow. If it almost maxes out an 8350, I can't imagine what it would do to an i5 or i7. What GPU were you using?


And mantle isent even implemented antill december...... and lol @ a i5 handling that or hyperthreading.

You mean without hyper-threading? And does this mean that hyper-threading is relevant in next-gen gaming?

i5 doe'snt have Hyperthreading.

An i5 would still destroy that.

your fanboy is showing.

no, it's using all the cores of the fx8350. I also have been getting lag and artifacts in BF4, everything STOCK. BF4 is still rough around the edges

No. An i5 4670K would probably beat the FX-8350 in BF4 just with raw power imo, despite it being 4 less cores without HT. We should wait and see the benchmarks that some big sites are going to make after Mantle releases.

No fanboy, had an 8150, remember? 

Just because its using all of the cores, doesn't mean it NEEDs to use all of the cores. 

no real difference. the 8350 has more raw power than the i5, if an application uses all the cores.

say the i5 has a power of 5 per core, while the 8350 ahs a power of 4 pewr core. 4*5 is 20, 8*4 is 32. still more power, unless each core on the i5 is TWICE as powerful as the 8350's. it's really more like 20% at the most

Just because its using all of the cores, doesn't mean it NEEDs to use all of the cores. 

That made no sense

I was using 2 7970's. I'm playing on 5040x1050 eyefinity.

on ultra I'm getting like 45-55 fps. Its looking REALLY good.

Theres another thing I noticed. Frame pasing WORKS on BF4 with eyefinty (13.10 drivers) 

I tripple checked it. It's on. (manually loaded the profile) I dont know what to make of it!

That does make sense. 

Its optimized to use more than 4 cores. Doesn't mean it HAS to use 8 cores. a 4 core CPU will still run it just fine.

You honestly think a game company would make a game that could ONLY be run on a certain CPU?

Well, for me, on a quite literal level: I never saw any game use 80-90% of my CPU. ever.

Also consider the fact the CPU is clocked at 4.8Ghz...

Thats not how the extra cores work in an 8350.

This is the reason I sold my i5 3570k and got a 3770k for multithreaded games like battlefield because its probably my favorite game now I just need a gtx 770 or a R9 280x

Wait for the benchmarks! You might find yourself getting your knife and fork to eat those words! :-P

Finally, a game that I won't ever play making my i7 worth it over an i5.

Don't kid yourself dude. Entire games are engineered to run better on Nvidia. Back a few years entire benchmarks were made to favour Intel and Nvidia parts. The fact that AMD has made deals to provide hardware for next gen consoles and is paving the way for MASS adoption of 8 core support (via Frostbite 3) would indicate to me that games optimized for AMD/8 core are probably going to run a little better. Like I said though, wait for the benchmarks and we'll see!

My i7 3770K is using the Hyperthreading, so , yeah,  you have no clue of what you are talking about


Gameplay on 1080p on a 4670k. 

Not eyefinity, (Like thats even a valid comparison, since that would be GPU dependent) and not sure if the frame rate drops due to poor video quality. But its obviously playable.

Don't see any downsides even though there's not 8 cores.