Just got my RMA back from ASUS Rampage 4

So.. the little fan next to the sata ports doesn't spin... I have tried unplugging it again and again. When ever I boot it looks like it tries to spin but doesn't. There is nothing stopping it from spinning. I checked bios but this should be pretty auto. Any ideas?

Give it a flick when the PC is on and see if that gets it to spin up.

edit; does it have a mode where the fan only spins when it gets to a certain temp.

This is why no one should buy ASUS products. Anyway, flick it, like @cardboardman said. If that doesn't work, see if you can replace. If not... looks like another RMA

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You know.. the sad fact of the matter is not one RMA EVER has gone smooth for me with ASUS.

I know. I had to RMA the same board 5 times in 3 weeks. Everytime it was a different issue. I returned it and bought a Gigabyte board about a year ago. No problems at all.

that fan only spin's wenn the southbridge reaches a certain temp point of 80°C

I feel ya on that. It took 3 boards to get a working one the first time. Here we go again. MisteryAngel, I asked that today but ugh.. they didn't have any solution but to look around in the bios. If that had been an issue I image they would have brought it up?

The one on my old board I had to RMA 5 times would always spin. I don't know if they changed it or not.

Ya I thought I remember it always spinning.. It's a shame I don't have a block for this. Oh they did advise me I can buy the fan? I never heard of that maybe from the store they meant? ugh. What good is an rma lol.

If you want that fan to spin constantly you should disable PCH setting.

I will check on that and report back. I remember 3 settings being disabled brb.

Those were all separate issues. I have a different brand now.

i assume you have done a bios update somethime allong the road?
The newer bios versions, comes with a standard pch setting,
that the pch fan only starts spinning wenn the southbridge reaches 80°C
If you disable that PCH setting it should spin back normaly.

I just tried to find the pdf manual to look it up for you but the english link on there site is wrong. never mind i found one that works but there is one that says its the English manual but its not

Ok I am updated to latest bios, I tried disabling pch and nothing happened. However I do not know if it has reached 80 yet

That's a plx chip right? I can't remember anymore but isn't that for sli? If that were the case wouldn't that be why it hasn't reached 80c?

There must be a setting in the bios somewhere related to this.

there supposed to be an option like this "PCH FAN Low Speed Temp [25˚C]" if you set it to 25 it should start spinning unless you have a very cold room.

ok brb Ill check it again

yeah i assume there is a setting with multiple profile options to select from.
And maybe also totaly disable it.

i will look it up in a few minutes.

You might also have to put "PCH Fan Profile[Optional]" for this to work.