Just got my computer, any games I run with crossfire on flicker

I'm talking about bad flickering, so bad it's abrasive to look at.

I'm running 2 crossfire 7970's, any idea what the problem is? If I run in windowed mode or with Crossfire off it works perfectly. Anyone know how to fix this?

Do you have the latest drivers and crossfire profiles installed?

I used the drivers that came with the CD that sapphire provided me, not sure what a crossfire profile is though. This is my first time running two graphics cards.


Download the drivers from AMD website, the drivers you got are likely old and are causing the flickering.

It says I have the latest driver for my system.

Google Crossfire profile, see if setting one up/editting yours fixes the issue. google is always your friend.

Oh, perhaps you dont have enough power? how many watts is your PSU? is the crossfire bridge seated properly on your two cards? are both cards pushed all the way in? 

850 Watt PSU so plenty of power, My cards are pushed in all the way but the Xfire bridge seems to have a little crease in it, that wouldn't do anything would it?

That shouldnt do anything... Download CPU-Z and check if it is properly recognizing both GPU's, where did you get your computer? origin or something along those lines?

I built my computer myself

Oh okay, you just said that "just got my computer." so i figured you had purchased it from somewhere.

Both of my cards are listed under graphics.

It's really weird that it would work fine in crossfire in windowed mode isn't it?

Hmm, perhaps it isnt User error or hardware issues, it might just be driver problems. try getting a program like driversweeper, completely cleaning out all of your AMD drivers then reinstalling them.

Think I should try a new Crossfire bridge too? I have a spare.

Well there's no point not to try, heaven forbid the first one was faulty and so was the other one, but i truely doubt that.

You using Vsync when in games? If yes turn on triple buffering it might help out a bit.

Download and install the Catalyst Software Suite and the AMD Catalyst Application Profiles here: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/radeonaiw_vista64.aspx#1

I'm assuming you're using Windows 7 btw, so if you have Windows 8, you're going to have to get a different set of drivers.

Wow, it WAS the bridge. I plugged a new one in and so far it hasn't been happening at all. That's crazy.