Just got my activation key for Bio-shock: Infinite

I'm a big fan of the Bio-Shock games

Been to lazy to play through System Shock but I've been tempted as of late.


Anyways right now my steam is pre-loading Infinte as I type this.


I'm tooo fucking excited.

Have to say I'm pretty jealous.. Be sure to post back and let us know how it is, assuming you can put it down for long enough.. 

Mad jealous dude, i'm waiting on my activation code from AMD.

Have you played free x-com?

Can't wait for the game myself. Not many games interest me as much anymore. But BioShock is a huge exception.

I didn't get my Bioshock Infinite key yet.  AMD was supposed to send it to me as a bonus for buying a Radeon HD 7850, but haven't yet.  I contacted their customer support but they haven't fixed the problem yet.

I pre-loaded mine yeasterday, thank god pre-order came with xcom, or else I'd go crazy

Well I've gotten just about an hour and half into it.


First impressions (Note: I judged a game ultimately after I finished it, due mainly to how long it is, no game that only lasts 12 hours is worth 60 bucks.  So Don't go spending money yet, wait till some one can confirm the length.



Game looks fucking Fantastic!  I run it on a 7850, I can pull a stutter y ultra, but it's smooth as butter on High! 1440X900.  Although it suffers from a Prince of Persia "LOOK AT ALL MAH BLOOM GUYS!" I won't fault it it for that, game dev's love bloom, they love bloom like 4channer's love loli.  Other wise, it does indeed surpass Bio-Shock 1, although it is a complete change in atmosphere.



Story: This game pulls no punches, I heard an audio log that I quote as "When money's on the table, I'm half a Jew, I asked for 1000!"

          I've heard negro several times, Apparently the wonderful city of Columbia is has racist and zealous has the south.  No one's dropped the N-bomb yet, but I wouldn't be surprised, or I would be, they more then likely won't go that far.

             It works though, the element of demonizing your "enemy" is done perfectly, the scene (which I won't spoil) its perfect, thought out, and maybe because of who am I personally, really got to me.  Something to say when a game can make you feel actual discomfort, some lesser troglodytes won't pay it any mine, but for me, yeah I'm hooked.




Gameplay: Much like Bioshock, its solid.

                I always rate a FPS on how smooth and solid the action feels.  Booker moves fluidly, combat is extremely intense on medium difficulty, with execution moves, good gun play, sneak attacks, and a whole galaxy of interesting powers to use on your unfortunate foe.

I came off a rail, onto a dude's back, threw a fire ball and killed three more who made the mistake of hanging out by a large pile of fireworks.  I was more then sated.  I also had an erection.




Vigor's work just like Plasmids is most cases, with different ways to use them.



Audio:  I don't have the best audio devices, so maybe my hardware is bugged.  My biggest complaint is missing tiny bits of dialogue because I wasn't looking "DIRECTLY" at the person speaking.  This would be really disheartening if this is software related.  Other wise audio is good, explosions sound good, gunshots could of use some more omphf, but this isn't a mil-sim so I won't fault it.



All in all for a first impression, It's looking good, it plays so damn well, I'm locked in on high settings with my meager system at 30 frames.  Mouse and keyboard work well, and so does my madcatz xbox controller.  Which it has wonderful support for.



If you wanna drop the the 60 dollars, and you are a big fan of The Bioshock games, you might be in a treat.  I'll post more after I finish the game, if it ends up being a meager 12 hours of story, I'm pissed, but if I can at lest turn out 26 to 30 hours, I'll say it's worth the 60 dollar price tag.

Post Script

So bioshock was about the evils of individualism

Bioshock 2 the evils of collectivism

Bioshock Infinite... ? I'm not sure what they are trying get at it, yet, although it's clear the antagonist has set himself up as a Jesus like character, who holds the city in its grasp with religious fever, the benching marking utility is a visual of the actual opening, entrance into the city requires baptism/drowning.


Just finished the game...  Almost cried when Booker died at the end.  Absolutely one of the best games of the year (so far).  Elizabeth is a total badass, Booker is a total badass, the HandyMen are totally badass, the lag on my machine is extrordinary, and the Comstock guy is kind of an asshole.  Have fun playing, guys!  
(It took me 11 hours of nonstop gameplay to explore around and beat the game, guaranteed you all can do better.) 

Also, I like all the ties with Bioshock 1.  Towards the end, when you get into rapture, I was like, "I've seen this place before..."  And then the lighthouses came and I was like, "Damn! It IS Rapture!"

Booker doesn't really die, or he does but only in the time line that splits into the two time loops in which Booker sell his daughter to himself (comstock).  As I father I'm still like "WTF why would you do that?" I actually cried during the scen he tries to take Anna back, If you stick around after the credits there is a tiny scene in which you found Booker back into his apartment with little Anna/Elizbeth there safely with him.  Meaning Booker , Elizbeth and the Lutec's twins are sucessful in ending the Booker/Comstock loop.