Just got a qnix uhd3216r, any questions?

Just got a Qnix uhd3216r monitor and have been using it for a few days now. It has replaced my Crossover 27q and is my only monitor.

I am considering writing up an in-depth review if there is interest.

If anyone is considering this and has any questions, or wants me to run some tests on it, let me know!

if you have the tools I would be interested in Color gamut and Delta E for color performance, Image retention, contrast ratio measurements.

Do the tests from http www.rtings.com/ .


I have.... no idea how to do those tests?

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I don't know how either lol.

how does it hold up compared to the crossover

If you have a colorimeter, could you upload a profile/gamut rating

Most QNIX monitors can be OCd to 30-40hz above factory if you haven't tried yet.

I do not think that this model can be overclocked, unfortunately.

Here is a link to the .icm profile that was provided to me by the person who calibrated the monitor:

Compared to the Crossover 27q, the main difference is definitely the glossy panel of the 27q vs the matte of the qnix. I enjoy the perceived 'sharpness' of a glossy panel, but I'm finding it less important when the resolution / PPI is this high. The matte has its own appeal - most people are aware of their own preference on this.

One very odd issue I have encountered is that I cannot get displayport to work during POST. I think that this may be an issue with my graphics card (GTX 770) but I'm not sure. I also can't get 4k over HDMI with this card, so I am displaying video to the monitor over HDMI until the OS boots, disabled the hdmi display, and uses the DP output. Again though I think this may be the fault of my card.

The housing is higher quality than I thought it would be (though still plastic compared to the metal of the 27q) and the stand is super solid and stable, although the monitor is only about 3 inches off the desk when using the stand.

The picture quality is fantastic. I would definitely not get a smaller monitor than 32" if going 4k. I would have gone larger but there are no equally high quality monitors at that size, except maybe the Dell multi tenant monitor or the widescreen 38" LG, both of which are well over $1000.

According to NCX the monitor gets 15ms input lag when freesync is turned on (even if using nvidia card) and displayport is used, 30ms otherwise. Not sure why that would make a difference but there you go.

I haven't really had a chance to subjectively measure this, since I've been playing games at higher resolution which kills my framerate since I got this monitor - so although I'm not playing as well I don't necessarily think it's the monitors fault.

Overall I think it is the best bang for buck out there at $380 in the US, or $450 for perfect pixel. Personally I find higher refresh rates to be overrated, but then again I don't play that many games.


word. I've been looking around at some stuff for production work, right now I'm stuck on a couple of cheapie TNs that come nowhere close to sRGB. It's looking like a toss-up between this and the Yamasaki Catleap