Just got a new PSU a few months ago... could it already be failing?

Yeah, I mean I'm running out of things to try at this point, so I'll probably try and upgrade them when I get home from work anyway.
Don't have another PSU to test

If it doesn't work, it's time to start buying new hardware I suppose. (something I was trying to avoid)

How old is your system?

Since you don't have on board video on your motherboard, if you've got another video card to test if the GPU is the issue, give that a go.

in this post, MysteryAngel mentioned a few things that could be done. Might be worth looking into it.

If you look at the release notes on the bios updates for your system, you'll see that there are 3 separate updates from A1 to the current A6 which claim "Enhance system stability" so it's likely that the bios update will help.

Yeah, I have my old GPU still, I was going to try putting it back in but I can't trigger a crash, so I don't know how to test if the system is still stable with it, other then just using it with it for a few hours.

I saw their post, got up to where they say "disable C-states", Have no idea what that does to be honest, so reading up on it on google before I do anything.

C-states are basically power saving modes where it throttles down the CPU when it's idle to save power and reduce heat. This article has a more detailed description.

I'd recommend following the recommendations above and if C-states winds up not helping, you can always enable it again. I really think a BIOS update will help you in this situation, but obviously it's up to you.

Going to try both when I get home tonight, thanks for the help man.

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I would put the old gpu back in

Any time.

What are the VRM temps?

That board is terrible. 100%, I would bet $10 that its the culprit. We've seen people post pictures of that board with burns on the back of the pcb, just because that board cannot deal with the power draw that AM3+ chips in general draw. If you switch that board out for one thats better, I guarantee that your system will be stable once again.