Just got 8320 and stock voltage is 1.4 @ 3.5 ghz


isnt that really high? ive been trying to overclock this thing in the bios to 4.0 ghz which i hear from so many other threads is a slam dunk at low voltages but i cant even achieve that even if i put the voltage up to 1.5

a tad high, mine is 1.38 in bios, 1.32 in cpuz

I remember the stock voltage for the 8320 being 1.36 something, not 1.4. Either way, your chip could just be a dud in the overclocking department.

:( well thats a bumber. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case the reason i got this thing was to at least equal the speeds the 8350 had to save some money.

It already turbos to 4gHz, though.

I tried enabling that in my bios but I would constantly blues screen and get constant cold boots

What motherboard are you using?

I just set CPU multiplier in BIOS to 20x, works fine. 

Voltage seems to be 1.4-1.45 V idle and 1.22-1.28 under heavy load due to vdroop. 

You have something seriously wrong if you are Dropping that much voltage under your Prime95 loading. Is LLC enabled? Enable it and you'll see those temps skyrocket if you still don't believe that Prime95 calls extra voltage/amperage under AVX instructions.

When I enable LLC, everything becomes horribly unstable. 

Out of curiosity what power supply are you using? Power supplies can cause that problem if they are faulty and cannot provide proper amperage to the EATX12V power connectors.

FSP500 60APN. 

I know it can be the culprit but everything works fine at 4GHz so I can't be bothered to pay tons of money for a proper power supply. 

My motherboard has 970 chipset so it's not going to achieve much more than this anyway. 

The motherboard isn't the best but its also far from the worst you could have bought. I can say with 100% certainty that it's your power supply, 500W continuous with 18A each on 2, 12V rails is not enough for your system, you need at least 600w unit with either a single 56A 12v Rail or 2, 28A 12V rails to achieve the Amperage requirements of an 8-core AMD CPU stable overclock.

That would really not worth it in terms of price/performance. 

That's the reason my components are cheap. 

If you are having a 0.20v drop in Voltage under load, I don't care how cheap your PSU is, it's not stable at stock clocks, it needs to be replaced. Period. I'm not saying you have to go out there and spend 200 dollars on a PSU dude, You just have to choose the amperage needs that are correct for your system.

I have a 4.8GHz overclocked FX-8350 with an 1.2GHz overclocked HD 7870, I am running them on a cheap-ass 700w Coolmax 80Plus power supply that only cost 60 dollars. I can get away with this because the single 12v rail puts out 56A under 60% load or higher and I will never reach the maximum rated Continuous wattage output rating. This means no overheating.

Now a bunch of PSU noobs are going to rag on me about this because all they know is 80Plus Platinum is "The best and only thing you should buy" which is an utter lie.


it's not stable at stock clocks

Stock clock is 3.5 GHz, I'm running it at 4GHz. 

It's stable. As in one-hour-of-prime95-without-errors stable. 

I'm not going to buy a new PSU. Any 600W bronze PSU will cost me at least 65 euros because Finland and unless my current one dies in smoke or starts causing shutdowns or BSODs, I'm going to keep it until next build. 

Suit yourself, 0.20v dropout under a 500 MHz overclock is not stable, give it 6 months and I highly doubt your PC will even boot up.

disable cool n quiet ☺ set cpu nb voltage on manual mode. wenn it keeps unstable, then i personaly think its not your cpu, but your motherboard.

which mobo are you using? maybe your vrm´s chokes and powerphases run to hot, and starting to throttle the voltage and current to the cpu wenn you run that FX8320 on your Asrock 970 Extreme 3 mobo with 4+1 powerphase, this could realy be your problem. thease boards have realy weak vrm´s are not realy made for  power hungry 8 core cpu´s.

Grtz Angel ☺