Just fucked the power button socket on shitty laptop, how to turn it on?

I got a Dell Studio 1558 out of the trash last week, or maybe it was this week? Either way the power button was fucked because the socket exploded. So while it was still attached, I was just shoving a screw driver in the socket to turn it on and off. Just now the socket completely broke off. It was already broken anyways and barely attached, now it isn’t at all. Theres still solder points on the pads though so the pads aren’t destroyed.

I wasn’t planning on selling this thing, nor really using it for much more than a toy, but not being able to turn it on is a pain in the ass. How do I achieve this then? I have wake on lan turned on… Can I hit it with a Magi-packet and have it power on? Do I just throw it out? Wat do.

Any picture, even a crappy one, would really help. Never had any dell laptop on the healing bench, so no clue how it looks.

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If it has actual jumpers (like a regular mobo has) you can just bridge those with a screwdriver or paperclip.

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Options in order of practicality:

put it back


Take pictures and post them here for crowd sourced part research, find parts, get new parts ?!?


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its not focused on the important part ffs!

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Then tell LG to make a not ass camera app that lets me leave the flashlight on.

use a real flashlight

  1. solder random wires to the pads.
  2. connect the ones that turn on the device when touched together to button
  3. have button dangling from side of notebook
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I like you.

It used to be that you could set dell laptops to turn on just by doing control alt delete. Why isn’t that a thing anymore?

If I interpreted the datasheet for the maxim chip next to the not-anymore connector correctly, bridging the inner two contacts of the connector should result in power on.

However: Two of those pads are 3.3V and GND, those two should never be bridged.
As I am not a hundred percent certain on PCB layout, you are on your own.
Also: the black stuff on screwdrivers may not be conductive enough

Welp doesn’t matter now. I lifted the plastic up, plugged it in (unplugged, took out battery) and started smelling burning. I’m too tired for this I’ll have to look at this shit tomorrow.

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It is import to note that it needs to be a momentary switch. Also to note that the switch needs to default to open when not pressed.

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I’m just sayin man



Meh. Its no loss, it was just neat to find something in the trash that was 1080p and had good audio.

I think the power-up controller blew out. I got a board of the same series, previous model, that has the same controller. I’ll try to patch it together when I give a shit. Not like I practice soldering all the time lol.

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