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the 7990 is a crossfire'd card. It has 2 (crossfired) 7970 on one pcb. thus making it impossible to have more than 2 seperate card (4 gpus total).

And remember amd has frametime issues with crossfire solutions.

yes :)  but i was to lazy to explain all that ☺ but a triple sli titan is also not bad, but these kind of threads are just for dreamers ☺ nobody gonne build it anyway.

"a Radeon 7990 will eat a titan as breakfast ☺" way to be a fanboy.

'Yes let's recommend the worst possible sollution that has ever existed.'

Why don't you go play at your 2 fps and get back to us.

For the love of god, have we not had enough of these?

Everyone knows you would build a rack of 8 4P 16 core Opterons with Fusion IO Octal PCIe SSDs and quad Titans, and watercooled.

places order for 4 server racks with dual 16 core opterons 3 titians each and max ram. for a whoping 100grand. in all seriousness  these dream machines would be nice in theory but the power consumption would eat you alive.


**Quad 16 core Opterons**

@rollymaster  lol im NOT a boy ☺

and chillout  don't take things to seriously on this topic,because its a dreamers topic.. ☺ it has nothing to do with recommendations


didnt know they made a quad socket board for opterons. learn something new every day.

Quad G34 boards ;)

yeah that will be my next build :P lool those quad 16 cores opterons quad titan´s, my sweety college Brennann gonne build that for me for my birthday :p he is such a sweety ☺

looks at inheritance. looks at buddy that knows servers inside and out. looks at quad opterons and quad titans. looks at making a server with 4 racks. looks at inheritance again. decides better not spend that much cash for a gaming server pc :P but oh god is it nice to think about having 16 titans and 256 cores of cpu power to play games with. sad part is i am tempted to find the boards and make at least one rack.

hahah loool yeah