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Give me improvements to make this the best computer ever

use intel 

Yeah, the first guy is right, with 3 Titans there will be an insane bottleneck, go X79 (LGA 2011) for the CPU. And with most of the X79 motherboards, 4-way SLI/ Crossfire is supported so you can get another Titan. And you should use the Corsair 900D, it is famous for having amazing builds with insane set-ups built in it. If you know anything about water cooling, I do know that you can fit 2 Quad 120mm Radiators, and with the Titan you can get a Liquid Cooler Waterblock for the card. I also think that you can fit 2 reservoirs in that case by removing some HDD bays and not using the top 2 optical drive bays.

Instead of 2 4TB WD Blacks, Get 8 1TB WD VelociRaptors.

You can get a better DVD drive with the worlds greatest computer, eh?

EDIT: Also, where are our SSD's? :D 

a Radeon 7990 will eat a titan as breakfast ☺

Not in 4 way SLI :)

then you put 2 7990´s in CF as well :p on a 3970X cpu with  Msi xpower x79 board

I don't understand why the xpower has max 128GB ram and 8 dimm slots. 

why not? it just can handle  8 sticks of 16GB ram. most other x79 boards have a max of 64GB  8x8 sticks.


But think of the power consumption. What power supply/supplies would be needed to do this? The heat output would also be insane; you'de need one heck of a water cooler to get these running at decent temps even at stock. Also you would not be able to add a raid card for you 9000 ssds

use this HDD its way cheaper http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=15_1086_210_212&item_id=057970

Thats so cute.


well if we gonne make crazy builds then i would go for this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1aefO

I hate these threads

All those HDDs and not a RAID card in sight *sigh*

Don't we all...

yeah :P

Why get a crazy build with only Dual-Crossfire? Why not triple or quad? And, why not a Blu-Ray drive? If you are gonna go crazy go big or go home...

Yeah: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1afdx

because you cannot  do a triple or quad crosfire with that 7990 card.....

Blue ray? who gonne use that?