Just for Fun.. what would be your ideal Windows OS

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1 (DX11)
  • Windows 8.1 (modded with DX12)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 7 (modded with DX12)
  • Windows XP (modded with DX12)


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Personally I felt that Windows 7 64bit was the best Windows I experience I had, it was stable it worked it had very little BS in terms of bloatware or spyware. Honestly if I could choose to install Win 7 with DX12 that would be my pick.

Obviously some of the listed items in the poll do not exist, I am simply wanting to see what people would think if the option for DX12 did exist for other Windows based OS environments.

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i already covered this recently :p well ok not with the DX12 mod....

But still for me it would be Microsoft Bob DX12 then...

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sorry ; ; I did not see that thread

i did it when you asked for Linux i made a joke post for GNU/Hurd...and then devilzzz said he wanted Windows over everything so i gave him his personal windows post, but it sux that you can only have a poll of 20 options and how did you get them displayed without a number in front? With me the forum kept complaining about that i needed to add different options.

I see your elaborate Windows Poll, and I raise you 'MODDED WITH DX12'


I am genuinely interested to see if readers here agree that DX12 support for older Windows OS's at least as far back as Win 7 wouldve been welcomed.

DX9 used to have incredibly good legacy support if I recall. I cant help but think DX12 should have been somewhat similar.

add Microsoft Bob dx12 to it and i wont cry! :p

sigh it wont let me its already been 5mins but for arguments sake lets just say it is there and anyone who wants to vote for Windows Bob with DX12 just throw a like on this msg.

Windows Bob (DX12)

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Linux's freedom with DirectX and More software would be my ideal "windows"