Just for a laugh

This is more for entertainment then a tool for finding craft beers but I thought I would share it with you guys anyways.

Hint: (ask the site what it thinks of bud light)

You should know by the URL but I'll say it anyways NSFW!



Pretty funny, but it just promotes other beers. this a marketing campaign or something?

What?! Everybody needs to drink Elkhead instead. Fuck that site. Looks like a good way to find new beers. Even if it is a marketing campaign.

I have no idea it was sent to me by a friend.  I will say that I haven't gotten a repeat and the companies are from all over the world, but I can it can see how this would be a marketing thing.

bahaha I entered AMD R9 280X and it called me a "CUNT WRAP SUPREME" 

NVIDIA TITAN and it called me an ASS SPATULA

this site is amazing to find insults though haha

An amber of some kind I am guessing?

serious LOLz around the office with this one.