Just finished this build

just built my newest rig, heres the load out. anything i should change or add?

Corsair 200r case

Corsair 750 gold psu

Asus Sabertooth z87 (mobo)

Intel haswell i7 4770k

Asus Geforce gtx770 (gpu)

16gb of Corsair Vengeance ram at 1600

256gb Corsair Netron ssd (os)

2tb Western Digital hdd (data)

Asus blu-ray disk drive

Windows 8 (with start is back)

Duel Asus vh236h (monitors)

Razer Naga (mouse)

Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2013 (keyboard)

Sony 7506 (headphones)

Since you went for a 'k cpu and beast of a motherboard I assume you are looking to oc yeah? In that respect you are gonna need something to cool the volcanic Kilauea powerhouse that is haswell.

Check the tek's latest vid here for a really nice option to look at. <<link>>

Rest of the parts list looks good. 

Yes OC is the idea. I do like the Noctua NH-U14S & NH-U12S after watching the video, but am still looking at other cooling options.