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Just dropped a load on two switches

Ordered up two Aruba CX6400 switch chassis each with 48 gig-t ports (poe+ class 6), 8 SFP56 ports (100 gig), 24 SFP+ ports (1-10gig) and dual 1800 watt PSU

Haven’t ordered anything at this level before, but it was a good deal (more than 60% end of quarter discount), and my core switches were getting a little dated. Original “core” switches were Procurve 5400 zl series.

Always been a fan of HPE ProCurve switches, and enjoyed working with the old ProCurve-OS … These new switches are apparently linux based, with a new OS so it will be interesting to learn something new.


PIcs or it didnt happen /s Will be fun to see your story as it goes on to see if you find out anything interesting.


I did not know that was a kink? /s

What are you using this for? Seems over kill for a home lab.

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Oh, not for a home lab, but a small enterprise deployment. This is replacing the “core” switches in two data centers.

I will post up some pics when the gear arrives.


Okay, I thought you were trying to make a startup in your garage or something with that kind of hardware.

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