Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition

Audacity and my blue snowball lol

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I’d say that is more than good enough.

it would be if I had any knowledge on how to properly use audacity

Got bored again and decided to quickly bang out a simple console CRUD app as a proof of concept afterhought in Python 2.7 . . .

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This morning’s contribution

As promised: Zszywany's adventures with software development


I’m in my element now! Broke down car - check. August heat trying to kill me again - check. Hurricane at sea - check. F#%^s given - none.

That hurricane was very good to me (Mathew, not Helms).

In any event, it’s do or die time with the transmission replacement. Perhaps a little of column A and column B. Few things could make me happier. Here’s a part of what’s going on so far:

Trans Replacement Blog (Now w/pics!)


Yo, meant to reply you earlier on.

As a status update to this. As you can imagine, running into quite a few problems (namely on the iscsi side).

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Let it be known. I partially just did it. Should I write a formal paper?

I make all kinds of stuff… I am multi-faceted, muti-tasking and multi-threaded.

I make PCs and servers 5/7 days a week. Made 6 today in a 4 hour shift, and worked on really nice set of components that a customer fought with (and lost with) where the MOBO wouldn’t power on. I put about an hour into it and it foiled me too…but I think I know what direction to go with it tomorrow. These challenges piss me off but I love it because I learn more every time!

Y’all are a bunch of geeks, and may enjoy what you find at some of the websites I have put together…


The Geek shall inherit the Earth!

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Alright. I’ll be the first to say that i blew my deadline.

The Music Project is taking WAY longer then expected. Both because i underestimated the work involved in classical composition and because my wife has pushed the whole project back because of other artwork related stuff.
So cross me off that list and feel free to come up with a Badge of Shame For “Just didn’t do it” or such :wink:
I’ll report back once that Project is done though. It’s not cancled, just delayed.


You are the first to say that.
Meanwhile, I gave up on my first attempt!

And I also blew my deadline. Mid September is the new one for me.


If you want a tip. Get a shure 57 mic point it towards your speaker cone. Then adjust as you figure out your sound. And ditch the pro tools.

I’ll do one. Use only icaros desktop for a week.

Edit: HEK the void desktop images finally dropped. So I’ll even do another of use void ppc for… Ehhhhh how about 3 months?

Plan almost done. and i ran out of game time… and that card seems to be capped… oops :smiley:
Probably ordered too many pizzas this month.

the “ruining my life by doing so” part does not seem to happen. Well it’s 2019 after all.

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This challenge really backfired for me. -_-

How so, did you make a thread about it?

No, let’s just forget about it at this point :smiley:

Ok I failed badly, got overrun by too many things…

Still don’t know how to import a word from a shell command into the buffer in C to make the monospace generator cli friendly