Just Cause 1+2 +Last Remnant giveaway, Advice for my Tech Startup

Hey Everyone,

I've recently started a game giveaway for Just Cause 1+2 and The Last Remnant (both on steam) and wanted to post the links here. I'm using Gleam.io for the giveaway.

Anyway, I also wanted to know (if you decide to checkout any of my stuff) any advice/ feedback on my stuff. I'm really looking to grow my business and brand while giving stuff away. Ignore the Amazon store, that is still a work in progress.
I'm mostly looking for feedback on my twitch and twitter pages, as well as any suggestions for content on both, as well as youtube. I've got a small team of people but I'm lacking direction.
I would like to do build/streams of builds in the future, as well as maybe some live testing/bench marking. Let me know what you think.

Seems like spam, but what the hell. Seems legit enough.

Good luck with your work!

That is 9 different degrees of dope!