Just built my first PC

Well... I just built my first pc and I was wondering what kind of software I should get. Any reccomendations?



vlc media player



that's my two cents anyone else?

Hwmonitor from cpuid, same guys from cpu-z, great simple program to see temps from cpu, gpu and ssd/hdd + fanspeed of cpu fan

Hwinfo if you want some advanced monitor info

Folding at home

Office programms

Music programms


What anti-virus programs should I be running? Would you guys reccomend a site advisor?


I'd grab VLC, Foobar, the CPUID software (HWmonitor, CPUZ, and GPUZ), Java 32 and 64 bit, proprietary Nvidia or ATI drivers, Libre Office, Steam, Jitsi (way better than Skype), Chrome, Firefox, CCleaner, and any other specific programs you know you use.

I have Malware Bytes on Windows, but no anti-virus on Fedora. I hate site advisors - they are just getting in the way.

comodo firewall,malwarebytes,ccleaner,combofix,STEAM!,MSI afterburner,Gpu-z,Cpu-z,adobe reader,Java.

Thanks for the input guys!



I don't mean for recording, I just meant for showing your frames per second.

Java, Flash player, Google Chrome, Firefox, Crystal disk info (its rather interesting I find), some kind of autoclicker, imgburn, speedfan, all of the drivers, and finally some emulators

Personally I don't use an av. I don't need it and haven't since I got adblock. (off for tek)

that question was from 2 years ago