Just built my first PC and it keeps crashing mid game

I just put together my first PC and it keeps crashing mid game. The monitor shows no signal and the game freezes. I have to reboot to get the computer back on. I have not overclocked anything yet. I would like to have my PC stable on stock speeds first. I have an ITX Z170 gaming pro with a 6700K. I also have an AMD R9 Nano. I am using a Corsair AIO water cooler. I have the fan profile set to full speed. I play games a little longer before it crashes now. I had the fan blowing into the radiator out the case. I then turned the fan around and have the fan pulling into the case. Now my idle temperature is 25 degrees. My GPU temps are below 70 degrees. I even went to MSI afterburner and enabled force constant voltage and set the power limit to +50 percent. Voltage, core clock, and memory are at stock speed on the GPU

What case and other cooling it have? If you putting full speed worked for longer is a temp issue on CPU I think, or even VRM or RAM, as the way you speak it seems there is inside case temperature problems.

Do you have the latest drivers? If so, try taking out your video card and run on integrated and see if games can run without crashing as a test. If games don't crash, it's your video card. Sometimes you get lemons and you need to return your parts. If you still crash on integrated, it could be a lot of things. What PSU do you have? Because that would be the next suspect.

Please install OCCT and run it for 15 minutes or so. Then go to your documents folder zip and upload the OCCT folder or post the photos it generates. If it doesn't crash that is good if it does... Well we'll figure it out then. OCCT will shut down the test if your CPU goes over 85C.

CPU does not go over 66 degrees. at idle it sits around 30 degrees. I had the fractal design node 202 but switch to the Nano S (I plan on water cooling soon). I am using the SFX 450 watt power supply.

I found your problem. Your R9 Nano uses up to 330W and your i7 is going to be using about 100-120W depending on workload. That puts your right at 450W with no headroom.


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Is he really 100% loading the GPU/CPU though in most games ? I wonder if its something to do with not seating the card properly or a cable not fully inserted. But yes, it does seem like a higher output PSU might be in order.

I doubt it. He is pushing the PSU near the edge. Just the GPU and CPU don't account for the HDDs, fans RAM and whatnot. I say get a 600W if possible. Never good to push something to the max rating if you can avoid it.

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I currently have a EVGA supernova P2 1200w PSU that I will be using in another PC. I have the corsair 600w SFX power supply on order as well. Also it won't let me upload the OCCT files to the forum.

Don't worry about the files. I would hook up the 1200W, even if it's hanging out of the side of the case, and see if it still crashes. That should tell us for sure if that is the problem, it seems most likely though.

But be carefull because running the case open side panel is not the same as running closed. For example mine i7 max Tcase temp (ihs temp) is 67,8Celsius, and while doing some IR images I discover mine GPU was heating northbridge to 125C. I still think it can be overtemp, as change fan profile result in more time gaming.

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Instead of using the other power supply outside of the case, I just lowered the settings in the game and set the refresh rate below 100. I haven't had any issues for the last 6 hours.