Just built a new system

Got to say I love ryzen. Runs around 4.25ghz



Looks good.

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Why wouldn’t you?
What is the thermal situation with that cooler?
Not a big fan of the board, but other than that - it’s pretty good :slight_smile:


The thing looks sweet!!

I’m thinking my next build is going to be RYZEN based. The price to performance is just awesome.

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Very nice system!
I’m building something awkwardly similar, except with different model parts and in a “large m-itx” form factor, but we have the same CPU, same GPU, same chipset, same capacity storage devices, same speed and capacity of RAM, we couldn’t have more matched systems if we tried!

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Are you me?

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I just got it on auto. It’s quieter than my h100i on balanced. Idle temp is like 36. Forget what load is.

Yeah I wanted the white arctic one but waiting for b450m and ram prices to drop.

My point was, It’s MSI… That’s what I don’t like about it. I don’t like MSI in general…

That’s kinda what I’m more curious about. My idle is 31 (1700X and Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 Lite)… Max 100% load all 8 cores all 16 threads is 51 C… Just wanted to know how much better a higher end 240 AIO is…

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