Just bought these parts, what do you all think?

So, I'm doing a christmas upgrade for my system.  If you wanna see my current specs before the upgrade, they will be on my profile until around December 26th.

Here are the parts I bought:  (please note that the GPU was bought three months ago, so I can't really exchange it for a new one.  It's a pretty lame one for $110...  XFX Radeon 7750 Core edition.)


CPU:  AMD FX-4350 (4.2 GHz, Quad-core)

Motherboard:  ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX

RAM:  G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DualChannel 2133MHz DDR3

That's all I'll be upgrading, so what do you all think?  Is this a good setup for not only gaming at 1080P, but also rendering video for over 24 hours in After Effects?  Or will it catch fire if I render for that long or something?  ;-D

Also, I've got a 750 watt PSU.  So yeah.  I'm not sure if that changes anything.

Thanks everybody!

Nice. it's allmost the same as mine. what graphics card do you use?

I also play a lot of games and do some adobe stuf. Nvidia is good if you use After Effects. It really helps!

well, if the fx 6300 is the same price? or 10$ more. than it is a much better option. which country?

looks good to me, first upgrade i would plan in the future is a better GPU.

I use the AMD Radeon XFX 7750 Core Edition (I got it from Best Buy for $119 4 months or so ago here: [LINK])

The RAM on it had some malfunction or something, since it's shown to be clocked in Catalyst Control Center at 667MHz, but it's supposed to be at around 1333MHz or something like that.  I still get between 30 and 40 fps (That's with my pentium 4, I'll be installing the AMD after christmas since it's a christmas gift from my dad).

I've always had problems with NVidia, such as driver malfunctions and the whole "Bang-for-the-buck" factor.  I spent 119 bucks on one of them, can't remember which one, but it SUCKED...  It ran at a stable 2 FPS in Minecraft.  I made sure everything was okay with it, and yup, everything was fine.  I was upgrading from a Radeon 3850 Sapphire edition, which isn't much different from the one I have now.  I just needed more Graphics RAM for my two monitors and my 3D work in photoshop.

I already bought the 4350, and it's plenty for what I do in After Effects.  I'm in America, Massachusetts to be exact.  I need speed more than multiprocessing, so that's why I'm going with a quad core, which is fine for what I do.

Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate the effort in trying to help out!

I agree.  I've been looking at the 7770 Radeons by both Asus and XFX, still not sure which I'd rather spend the money on.  My budget is $200 USD and lower (preferably around $120 USD.)

I was looking at this one [Link] and this one [Link].  I like the one on Newegg better though.

Those are pretty budget cards.  The 7770 isn't that much better than the 7750.

Try an R9 270.  Great card for the price.

Holy macaroni, only $150 dollars!?  I know what I'll be getting with my christmas money.  Thanks for letting me know about that one, I completely forgot that AMD started a new Radeon series.  I expected them to be in the $300 range.

Not a bad rig for the price, but certainly no show stopper. Welcome to the PC world.

I'd upgrade that cpu to an 8 core since you're going to render all the time. Its either upgrade your CPU for  increased rendering speed/power (significantly, its what people rave about the 8core for) or your GPU for gaming fps. Personally I would go with whatever you do the most. Although having a better gameplay experience is probably going to be worth more than having to wait a few minutes more for a video to render. Just overclock the 4350 like mad - like 4.9/5ghz barrier. The things literally sip on power compared to the 8 cores. That motherboard should have no problem driving the quadcore.

I agree, not a show-stopper, but still a pretty nice mid-range rig for the price.  

I was actually taking a look at the fx 8350 vishera, and I just wasn't feeling it for the price.  Now, the CPU already takes up 125 watts if I'm not mistaken.  Will that increase too drastically when I overclock it?  Just curious, because I don't wanna start burning down my PSU too much.  I probably won't have it overclocked all the time either, but you know.  Better safe than sorry.  I know the 750 Watt thermaltake bronze will be more than enough for the job.

[EDIT] Also, when overclocking this one, do you know if the stock cooler will be okay for the heat?  I've got a 1500 RPM 90mm fan on the chassis blowing straight at the CPU, so I'd think it'll be fine.  I also have arctic silver thermal paste that I'll be using, if it makes a difference.


I'm gonna hold off on upgrading my GPU until either June or July.  I turn 15 next year, so maybe I can get a job at an ice cream place of something and get a few extra bucks.  The child labor laws still come into play though, so that's a whole other discussion that we don't have to get into.

You're not going to be burning down your 750w PSU with one GPU and one 8350.  You probably won't be burning down your PSU with two mid-range GPUs and one 8350 either.

If overclocking, you WILL need a aftermarket cooler.

Okay.  I am physically holding in my hand the AMD FX-4350 right now; I don't have the 8350.  Does the 4350 get just as hot?  I have no problem getting an aftermarket cooler.  Watercooling is not an option with my case, however...  (sadface)

Like I said earlier, I have a pretty decent fan on the chassis of my case that will be blowing outside air straight at the heatsink for the CPU, so perhaps that will help a bit when overclocking.  I'm not a moron though - if the thing gets up to 65 degrees C, I'm disabling the OC.

Long renders in after effects are fine, as long as you are sure you have good cooling. Also, if you want to speed up your render time try to bump your ram up to 16Gb. Ae loves alot of ram and CPU cores and it will use as much as you can give it. More ram also helps with multi-core rendering; it is hard for Ae to keep multi-core render on when you only have 8gb; it will usually turn this feature off when ram is low.  

When you have everything built, do a stress test and watch you temps, if it stays around a nice temp go for your 24hr render time and disable sleep mode in windows. There is nothing worse to wake up to a computer that is asleep when it is supposed to be rendering. (i've learned my lesson on this one) 

As for the GPU in Ae, I know everyone says to use nvidia but I really only see that being a benefit if you use ray tracing. The new AMD cards can give you good performance for the cost. But, this is just my opinion. Element 3D from Video Copilot does a good job of replicating some of the features of ray tracing in OpenGL, and is usually faster in the work space. but, again, that's my opinion.