Just bought the G9 Laser mouse

Haven't been active on the forums lately. Just stopping by to ask if this was worth my benji..

Looks ill that's for sure.. A bit small though. Don't know why.

What do you guys think of it?

What a joke. the weight cartilage is stuck. how the hell do i get it out?!

its too heavy.

one time i played with it at a gaming center in chicago. its ok to me.

it's design was for smaller hands i suppose. i wouldn't buy another mouse from logitech as long as they continue to use their new braided cords. those things are so damn tough that they destroy the mouse's wiring within a year or so..

Eh. Still can't believe i bought a 100 dollar mouse. I don't think it's even worth that much.

I just like the design.. pretty much it. the features are pretty adequate.

ur a noob all noobs go with logitech ... i remember when i was a noob but one day u will realize the the way to go for gaming inputs(mouse/keyboard) is razer

cant forget cyber snipa armmego, they have a couple of the best products out right now.

Razor products areant my thing. they look bland. Not as interesting as g9. That's your preference, not mine. So don't insult people if it's not style.

i liked that mouse, until i saw the cord. bad experiences with that thing, and i never even slammed it out of anger or anything of the sort, but it STILL DIED. (my g5 mouse)

so the next mouse i try out is going to be the cyber snipa stinger or razer deathadder..

well ur missing out trust me i liked logitech before but now when i got the raze mouse ... u need to experience it to see just trust me and razer only makes gaming stuff so they no what they are doing

cyber snipa is a good mouse i freind got that (replaced his g5 mouse)

lol, i'm not getting a new mouse any time soon. i'm happy with my MX518 mouse.

me too, i love my mx518

the stinger is a nice mouse, also the sonar head sets are back in stock and they are also a great buy...

kinda curious how the new razer one is going to be. i like the look of razer products more than just about any other company.

what about that wierd ocz mouse thing thats just like the stinger?

So if I were to buy a mouse/keyboard right now, which should I chose?

I was thinking the g9 and the g15, because I was going to match it with the speakers I wanted =/. Just that I didn't have any space for a sub-woofer, so I wanted the z-10's.

So any suggestions? mouse, keyboard, 2.0 (but good) speakers.