Just Bought Orange Box

Heyyy guys, ive been reading these forums for a long time now, and Ive been watching TigerTv for two years, I just bought the Orange Box, i was really curius about it, so wat do you guys think? was it worth it? is there anything i should know about it? I just installed the games, TF2 is still updating :-/ my Steam Account is Mikeyf619 , is there anything specific i should know about the game??

Thank You

specific facts:

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Oo Blood, thx bout the tags, when i first joined i wasnt able to, but 4 sum reason i cant run TF, after i launch it, the vaulve screen displayed and then engine error says "no premission to run tf" help plz? i ran it as admin

You'll love TF2, anyone who doesn't should die...

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its not working on my PC, it says "no premission to run tf" after i launch it from steam :-(

Log in as admin....

Turn off vista's security shit.

theres only 1 main account on my PC, and i turned off Sympatic Anti-Virus, still giving me a problem :-/ i played Half Life thought, very fun/interseting game, played on everything high with my 8500 GT at 75 fps :-)

3 words


Exit steam and then run it as admin (Right click->Run as Administrator) and it should let you play.

I think what MeGotRice means is to disable Vista's User Account Control, which is most likely not allowing you to play Team Fortress 2. To turn it off:

1. Click start.

2. Go to control panel.

3. Click the link, "Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off".

4. In the search box at the top, type UAC.

5. Uncheck the box for Use User Account Control (UAC).

6. Click ok.

7. Reboot your system.

TF2 is win.

hey, thank you everyone for the help, I got Team Fortress 2 to work :-) it runs at 50-75 fps, im surprised lol, 8500 sucks, anyways, is there a specific server you guys play on, my steam ID is mikeyf619 Thank you all

just bought orange box??

Such a good game/s and you just bought it??

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yeah that should be the problems cause I had the same problem with steam games and when I disabled UAC then it worked and I was happy!.


I'll add you on steam i'm milzan4lifecrazy

This was posted two months ago... Look who's really late..

wow your late dude dot take any offense but you haven't played half life ? 0.o orange box is win! have fun tf2 is amusing portal by far is the best thing on it besides half life

oh wait this was posed 2 months ago who the heck bought up this old thread?

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