Just bought an AIO cpu watercooler, the pump is kind of loud, what can i do about it?

I bought a cooler master seidon 120v water cooler a few days ago. I'm using it in a coolermaster elite 130 case.

My problem with it is that the pump is always running , and it's kind of loud, my motherboard ( MSI z97i AC) don't have a voltage control options for the pump, and it only has a 3 pin connector, so i can't turn it off,down, while the  computer is idling, reading web pages. what can be done to dampen the sound?

 Also, i get much higher temps (35c-67c) than in any reviews, i've used the bundled thermal paste,maybe it's not that good, or i applied it wrong?

The motherboard shouid have two 4-pin fan connectors, the one between the chipset heatsink and the wifi card being specifically for the CPU.

As for for temps, thermal paste is thermal paste for the most part. A poor application is usually the cause of higher temperatures, but if you want reassurance you could pick up a thing of Arctic Silver 5, Tuniq TX-2, or Shin-Etsu X23 to be sure.

Also, maybe check your BIOS/UEFI to see if you can adjust the CPU fan header settings? A lot of the newer motherboards allow the user to do it now.

Past those three things there isn't much that can be done about noisy pumps other than replacing them.

I've already looked at it , but there's no setting for the fan header, only a speed vs temp setting.

I don't think that it's abnormally loud, so i doubt return it and changing it to another one would make much of a difference.

I had a Coolermaster 240 Seidon and man that thing drove me nuts. Sorry never had a MSI board can't help you with your setup. 

Return it and get an air cooler. Here's a couple of great options for around the same price as that AIO.





Or if you really want to keep the AIO water cooler, you could try sound dampening material or a completely different case. The Define R5 is a great case for reducing noise.

And if you need it, here's a video showing how to apply thermal paste correctly: https://teksyndicate.com/videos/how-apply-thermal-paste

The problem is that none of those would fit in my case. I have a coolermaster elite 130.

Thanks for the paste video btw.

Regardless of the motherboard, what did you do with the cooler?

put sound deading foam around the pump? maybe move the tubing around to see if that helps


My bad. I completely missed that bit of information. The only other advice I have is to equip your case with sound dampening material.

Fancontroller? You will have to balance the pump speed with the temps tho.Which may or may not get you anywhere depending on the pump .http://www.amazon.com/Sunbeamtech-PL-RS-PCI-Rheosmart-PCI-Controller/dp/B004LL8KF6/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1423617559&sr=1-1&keywords=Sunbeamtech+PL-RS-PCI+Rheosmart+PCI+Fan+Controller

  • Pump should always be running.
  • There may be a stuck air bubble. Tilt the case if there is bubble of air stuck it will eventually work its way out of the block. Or remove the cooler, hook it up to power and shake the shit out of it. If you feel as though the impeller is off center grab a magnet and sit it on top of the pump and let it run for a bit.
  • You should be able to run the pump @ 9v - cheap fan controller or if you know anyone with a Fractal R4 that doesnt need there little included on nab that. Running at a lower voltage will decrease its rpm = less noise.
  • You can always RMA it if you're not happy with it as well.

Best of luck.