Just Bought a V300 SSD After the $750 build, What Now?

According to The Tek 0160, the Kingston V300 SSD are all trash compared to similarly priced SSD's. I just bought one off of newegg, I haven't tested it yet but I'm pretty sure I got the one with the 506 or 506A version. How do I check what version I have and if I do test it out what software should I benchmark the SSD? Hell, should I just send the SSD back to newegg?


Send it back, and get a crucial mx100 

do a speed test and check which speeds you are getting, if they are near the factory specs.


It could have possibly been a bad batch of ssd's so it may only be some.



@ Mafisometal  It's not a bad batch of NAND, Kingston switched the NAND a little while back and didn't say ANYTHING. bait&switch. yes companies switch parts around all the time to keep up with the margins but this is not okay because it directly and negatively affected the user experience.

To my knowledge they still use the inferior NAND, I'd check what firmware you are running on the drive and do some speed tests

From what i hear, the version should be printed on a sticker near the bottom. (You don't have to open it)

You shouldn't have followed that $750 build guide directly. It's pretty terrible for the money.

I bought the 120GB version a few months back, here's a benchmark I ran

It's honestly not that bad. If you're gonna send it back though, don't get another budget SSD. Something like a 256GB Crucial MX100 is the cheapest I'd go.

what firmware are you running?

I would do a benchmark before sending it back. 

Those ssd's are the new rma bin fillers for sure. Taking the place of ocz. Send it back if you can and buy a decent ssd or use it for non-critical data like a swap disk.

There was a heap of these things come on sale here in OZ, 2 of my friends disregarded my advice and bought one each, 1 was DOA and the other runs like a hairy goat.


don't open, return asap.

if opened run benchmarks, return if does not meet specs 

Well, i ran my tests and it does not seem good...i will have to transfer my data and send it back i think.

Yeah that is no good. 

Grab an MX100. Should do you nicely. 

Try updating the firmware

I would get a Crucial they seem to be the best in reliability, speed, and price imo.  I put a Crucial M500 in my parents computer and it was cheap and is really quick.  


It should also be noted that because the Crucial isn't Sandforce that those speeds will be consistent over nearly all workloads. Not just compressible data. 

It's a hardware change - the flash works completely differently now.  No firmware can fix that.

i did a test on my Samsung 840 Pro after 1.5 years of ussage, and arround 50% diskspace in use by the Operating system Windows 7 X64 Ultimate.

My scores are still very good, not much diffrent wenn i got it new. Specs on the box: 530MB/s read 390MB/s write.

I have to note that this test is done on an AMD FX8350 system with Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 mobo, Thats one of the reasons why my speeds are abit lower, then advertised, Still i get arround the same speeds wenn i got it new.

I tested this same SSD in an intel system that time Z77 with 3770K, and i had 524MB/s read and 392MB/s write. So that learned me that sata ports on AMD boards are slower then on intel boards.